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Posted by Knucklesthegreat

The Old, First Power Rangers that Were actaully good? 
They Had Bulk and skull, Characters, That WERE actually funny. 
Boy, were they comedy gold Or What!
Posted by Pazy

Bulk and Skull were really good in the original Power Rangers, I missed that aspect of what little I watched of later power rangers series.

Posted by adoggz

yes, bulk and skull rule!

Posted by Falconer

No lie, I'm slowly making my way through Power Rangers from the beginning. Of course I won't be watching anything past Lightspeed Rescue, because that's when it went downhill here in America. I'm about 15 episodes in, and MMPR is retardedly awesome. Damn 90s...

Posted by iam3green

nostalgia lol. i miss when i was a childhood watching power rangers. good times. the green/white ranger was the badass one. 

Posted by MrKlorox

OOOhhhh those guys? I was sitting here racking my brain trying to remember them. They should have made Bulk a heroin junkie and Skull a meth head. What a combo, amirite?

Posted by crusader8463

I miss that show. I remember going to the drive in to watch the first MMP Movie and loving the hell out of it.

Posted by MooseyMcMan

They were so funny! You know, they're re-airing shows from that era on something (I think Channel 4 on Comcast) on Saturdays at noon. They're up to the ones with the Green Ranger.

Posted by papercut

I remember them being funny but I bet they would be unappealing today. 

Posted by Knucklesthegreat
EXACTly~! I Allways Give It 2 Thumbs... UP~!