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@deadpancakes: Yes, that's it. I was under the impression that this conversation was longer. Anyway, thanks for linking to it.

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Hi there,

I can't seem to find a really early, if my memory serves me right, bombcast episode (or was it even still Arrow Pointing Down at that time) in which Ryan and Jeff spend quite a lot of time talking about naming their site GiantBomb and bring up some of the ridiculous other names that they originally had thought about. I remember liking this segment very much. Am I just making this up? Is this just a fever dream? Or can you help me find this episode? That would be appreciated.

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How fitting that in an article about assholes on the internet, assholes show up in the comments. I wonder: Do they even realize this?

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I bought Far Cry 3 via Green Man Gaming in the Deluxe Edition.

But somehow I'm not sure if I really have the Deluxe Edition installed now. Uplay only shows the game as "Far Cry 3", so I can't really tell from that. I found the survival guide and the soundtrack in the downloaded .zip-file from Green Man Gaming, but I'm wondering if I need extra codes to redeem the exclusive in-game content in the menu or if the in-game content has automatically been installed.

One thing that especially makes me wonder is that the "Warrior Pack" is supposed to give an early unlock of the Tattoo Editor in Multiplayer.

I haven't played a single round of multiplayer yet, but when I click on the "Tattoo Editor" icon it prompts me to unlock level 40 before I get to it. So that seems a little strange to me.

Has anyone else purchased the Deluxe Edition digitally who can clear up my doubts? :)


So if anyone was wondering the same as me: You have to use the key that was used to activate the game on Uplay again(!) in the "Exclusive content" section of the main menu. Then the Deluxe Edition is unlocked.

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This is weird and amazing in an absoutely wonderful way. Looking forward to it.

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@Marokai: Well, they could of course adress every single worry the community has, but that would be only words, wouldn't it? I think that the most pressing questions have been answered (at least to some extent) and there will be more answers down the road for sure. But now they're concentrating on finally getting some new content out and letting that do the talking, which is exactly the right move if you ask me. Yes, this is just the beginning, and yes, no one can really tell for sure what's going to happen in the future, but in my opinion the chances of all this turning out well are far better than the chances of it turning into a disaster. I'm really excited about this "new" start and I think that you can tell from only looking at the recent videos and listening to the crew that they are very excited and happy about it as well. That's a good sign for things to come.

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And here I was, thinking this could be my "Yes, I'm first!" chance. ;)

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It's free? Oh well, then... screw you, free games. You always make me want to play you.

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#814. Thanks for all the hints in here. What took me ages was the recurring enemy from Mega Man. Why the hell is he called like that? Doesn't make any sense. Why not Metal Head? Or Metal Bob the Builder? Or Metal whatever? It also didn't help that I'm not from the US and know close to nothing about baseball. Ah well ... the satisfaction about having that set finished makes all this worth it. ;)

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@Metzo_Paino: I'm from Germany and only partly see that problem. After all, most of the videos here go online between afternoon and midnight of Central European Time. But yes: it's hard enough getting the first post on a video already and we poor foreigners might even have a harder time in achieving it (I'll probably not even try)