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Nice to see more rules also like the nods to what happened over the last few weeks. But to me it seems like it is still every vague.

I still feel like there will be people who will buy Early Access games even with all the signs saying it is not finished. I am also curious how many people who are demanding Valve to do this are actually tricked into buying the games or if they became disillusioned to the game is going to be down the road.

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@ianh83: I have a i5 3.2GHz computer and I checked my refresh rate to make sure its 60 Hertz.

@privodotmenit: Perhaps its a brain chemistry thing or something but if there is anything there are not studies of it that I know of.

@sunbrozak: I can notice a inconstant frame rate when a game suddenly jump from 60 to 30. But besides that I can't honestly say the difference between each other without having to have a side by side comparison. Maybe after a few years when I upgrade I can finally see the difference but I have doubts.

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@ianh83: I was actually talking about youtube's video player then giantbomb's. I use chrome which they(youtube) said should support seeing 60 on youtube.

I recall watching side by side comparisons and notice a slight difference here and there, so by even seeing a difference at all I assure I am watching 60.

I have yet downloaded any videos from the giantbomb website (I do not really see a need to in most situations) but I put the videos in HD and it looks smooth to me. I had watched videos on my desktop but I never have a problem with them.

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@ianh83: I have, I made the resolution of the videos 760p60 and 1080p60, which I assume makes it run at 60 when it can.

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@fisk0: Funny enough, I have played Counter Strike for a bit a long time ago. I recall that game making me motion sick but then I quickly got use to it.

I did notice that game playing smoother then other shooters I have played but I never found a need to demand that kind of smoothness from other games that play on 30 or even notice other games not being that smooth.

@deranged: I understand its not a big deal to me. But when I see people demand for 60 on console and such, I am curious to see why they demand it so badly.

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I understand why everyone say 60 is better but when I look at things like in 30vs60.com, I can kind of see it in some but not others. But by itself I do not see it.

From what you said, I should be able to see it when I am actually playing the game in both 30 or 60 but on videos I or if I just play on 30 then I still can't see it.

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Youtube upgrading to 60fps videos and I cannot tell the difference between 30 and 60. I have seen slowdowns and side by side comprehensions and I can tell the difference in slowdowns but not side by side.

I have seen people say "WOW this looks so much better" and I have no idea what they are talking about. I have a fairly good pc so I think I should be able to see 60 but I just don't notice whether it is or not without it being spelled to me.

So I'm in this forum to ask how I can notice the difference without the need to a side by side look, or if I should even attempt to, without being mocked.

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I remembering preordering XCOM Enemy Unknown and getting some ingame clothes,an art book, and a Xcom badge to sow into my clothes (I have never used it but it was still neat).

I presume you are an Aliens fan if you buy the game, so some fan servicey dlc is fine (to me at least). Anyway, this game sounds like it plays well and reviews should hit a few days before release and you can decide to keep your preorder or cancel it when the time comes.

I would honestly like to see more interesting pre order bonuses for games like this one that can be stand alone. I understand that some people hate preprder dlcs but to chastise people who buy them goes a bit too far to me, let them spend their money as they wish.

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I'm sad that the response to how massive the 150k is for just something that is on the level of DLC. But even if it is just 10 people, 150k would be below minimum wage for a year if the money is just for wages. It is easy to criticize "evil" publishers but looking at numbers like that, I am not surprised that many do the things that they do.

Also why should the consumers care? If we just see a DLC for Skullgirls that is $5 for a character many would scream that it is greed but that is just a simple answer we all go to when we refuse to accept the extreme complexity of business and the industry.

It is sad that many people are reacting that way but we can't change that.

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