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Widely accepted last year to be the "neutrals" choice due to brilliant, fast paced style of football. Do have a little bit of the underdog too as they spend less other top teams such as chelsea, man city and man utd. These team also I would avoid as I would call them a bit soulless and unfortunately represent the more money buying success of football these days.(Although this summer that isn't true as we got a lot of money from selling our best player).

I'm biased - but great history and fans, currently very well run by the owners.

Would be more to chat if you needed any help or info.

Your match against Real Madrid in the CL is going to be really fun to watch. No question who I'm supporting in that one... :D

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I'm a serious Barcelona fan myself (La Liga), so I would of course recommend becoming a Barca supporter first and foremost (watching Messi every week is incredible).

But if it has to be the British Premier League, I'd say go for Arsenal. Most of my friends are Arsenal supporters, so whenever I watch the Premier League I root for them. They play an attractive football that is kind of Barcelona-ish anyway (very technically oriented with passing triangles etc). But then again, most teams have adopted this style after what Barcelona achieved in the Pep Guardiola era. :p

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Yes, and it should then also be 30 minutes longer.

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Glad I waited, knew this was going to happen. :)

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Jeff obviously got annoyed with the reductionist point Brad made about FPS only being left-right trigger, and kept deconstructing and going after his statement longer than he would had he not been "ticked off". No big deal, people get annoyed and bickering happens. It seems Brad can sometimes be a little bombastic, or other times behave a little weird in a way that can annoy some of the guys. I remember the tea-bag episode during a recent episode of unprofessional fridays, where it seemed everyone got a little tired and annoyed of the weirdness he was doing, but Brad just kept going and almost seemed to enjoy that it became more and more awkward. :p

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I disagree with most of this, I think giantbomb has a LOT of both fun and good content, I remember there was a period a couple of years ago when I would refresh the frontpage a few times per day, and there were barely any updates to speak of. There is a lot more content now, which is good.

However, I agree that some of the content can seem a bit lazy and like they don't care enough that people pay for it. The podcast is great, but I agree that they should at least try to focus it in a bit more sometime. Random ramblings can be great, but when they are not funny, uninteresting and go on for 15 minutes, at some point they should stop and think "wait, we are actually recording this for people to listen to. What are we doing here?".

I also agree about unproffesional fridays. Some of the greatest moments on GB can be seen there, but they are rare, and it's mostly very boring games and the guys being very tired at the end of the week. Here as well I think they could give some more effort. Why not bring back more known and loved games and play them again? Why not have more fun multiplayer moments (like this week?). Again, it's great that it's laid back and not supposed to be proffesional, but I'd appreciate more effort being put into it actually being more fun to watch.

Bottom line though is, I still think giantbomb is awesome, and the extra content now adays is a good thing. There is lots of stuff that can be improved, though. :)

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Keep iterating on the handheld consoles and make games for them, and move the console gamemaking to other consoles. I'd love to see a full HD Zelda for the PS4 with awesome graphics made entirely by Nintendo. At least we can dream...

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This is a great idea! :)

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Do we have any Hi-Fi enthusiasts here other than myself? :)

I recently decided to upgrade my soundsystem after using a pair of "normal" PC speakers, and a relatively cheap 20 year old amp and speaker-system for my livingroom. I love music and often listen more than a couple of hours a day, so why it didn't dawn on me before now to actually prioritize this passion and upgrade to something better is beyond me.

The speakers are a pair of Danish handmade Dynaudio focus 160's, and the amp is a norwegian Hegel h80 which I have connected to my computer via USB. Hegel has won a lot of Hi-Fi awards over here in Norway, and it was also recommended to pair together with the speakers I chose, so it was a no-brainer. :)

Before I bought the system I had never really experienced a "real" hifi-system in action, so I was curious to hear how big difference there really was between a "normal" rig and the stuff enthusiasts swear by. I was wondering if people that spend several grand on a soundsystem do it just because it's marginally better sounding than a good pair of 100-200$ speakers (like the ones I had before), or if the difference in price really is reflected in what I hear.

So I asked for a demo, naturally. I was placed in a comfortable chair sitting in what I was told was the "stereo sweetspot" and the dude in the store proceeded to connect a laptop with a flac library to the Hegel amplifier. He started with Alison Kraus - Whiskey Lullaby, and I litterally started grinning like an idiot. Completely blown away, and not by the volume, by the soundquality. It suddenly became very clear why some people have this as a hobby that they spend thousands on, the soundquality was just ridiculously good. It sounded so realistic, almost like the person singing was in the room. Almost clearer than that even...

It's weird that there is so much more detail recorded in CDs that you just don't hear in regular systems as they simply can't "paint" all the details. Voices sound almost eerily realistic, and instruments likewise, and the "soundstage" is so well presented that you can almost visually picture where the different sounds are coming from (say, in an orchestra you can tell the violinists are in front of the brass, to the left on the stage, etc). It's almost like having a live concert in your house. It's just awesome!

I'm very happy to have invested in this, it has opened up a whole different way of listening to music for me. I started listening to way more and different music than before, music I used to dislike suddenly became interesting. In the beginning it was because I wanted to hunt for the best produced album with the best soundquality, which was a lot of fun and led me to a lot of different music. The only negative thing is that it has made me very picky on productionquality, poorly produced albums that before sounded "similar to anything else" now sound like shit.


Errm, yeah, so that's my story, would be really cool to hear yours as well. It would also be neat if any of you could list some music that you think is well produced/good soundquality (if it's good music it's a bonus!) - just link from spotify if you can! :)

Here's one I'm listening to now:

"Ole Edvard Antonsen" - "Tour de Force". A really good norwegian trumpetist, and this album is a hidden gem in my opinion. Really fun music, and the production is astoundingly good. Spotify URL: Ole Edvard Antonsen – Tour De Force