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I wrote this in memory of Ryan Davis. I didn't know him very well, but he was kind enough to use my GB jazz theme for the 2012 "Game of the Year" Bombcasts. Thank you Ryan for giving my music the time of day. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xfcv_JCh8k8

That was a lovely tribute. Anywhere I can buy/download it?

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Such sad news. Really gonna miss you Ryan!

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Having the exact same problem since the new site launch. Came here to see if anyone else was having the same issue, sad to see that nothing has been done about it.

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@winternet: Sure. Think of them as a 'sort of' play through of the game but edited down to a few hours. I found his perspective and own insights on the game fairly unique. As someone who had played through the games several times was surprised at how much I learnt and made me appreciate them even more. Watch the first 10 minutes or so to see if its your cup of tea.

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@tennings said:

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@Kohlstream: Jesus, I just made a review of this game on Monday. I never would have thought anybody else would have ever played it!

That was really funny, nice one. Protip for the end boss if you ever have a brain aneurysm and decide to play this game again: After the cutscene where the chopper comes in, don't move. Just shoot it till it dies. It can't shoot you there and the bodyguards wont get to you before you destroy it.

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@Abendlaender: No it wasn't good. Saying that its one of those 'It's so bad I need to keep playing to see if it gets any worse' kinda games. I did get a lot of enjoyment out of how laugh out loud bad it was so in a strange way it was well worth it. There are six levels that all make you sneak the first bit then shoot your way out. The exception is last level where Axel pretty much says "fuck it lets just shoot up the place".

The first level is by far the hardest. The second level was a chore but you have a machine gun that's practically one-shot kill so its much easier. The other levels you have an assault rifle (remember when Axel had an assault rifle in the movies?) that just makes the games stupidly easy.

There are 'bosses' that consist of trying to kill dudes before they can run away for some reason. The final boss confused me for a while as I assumed you have to kill him before he gets to a chopper but no no, you OBVIOUSLY need to just stand where you are and just shoot at the chopper for a little bit to make it crash.

There was a change of pace on the strip club level. You are snooping around when you go up to one of the bartenders and he asks you for no reason to collect some Martini glasses so you can get a key.


0/5 as a released product that you paid real life monies for.

5/5 for the music, shame there wasn't more than 3 tracks.

3/5 for the effort to make an unfinished prototype into something resembling a playable game.

4/5 for legitimate entertainment even if that entertainment was laughing at how bad it was.

Final Thought

If this was a movie then it would have been on Mystery Science Theatre 3000.