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Well I was expecting some of those girls to at least be understandable, but I guess this is more of a outcry from them ''Why can't we get anything, why aren't we being catered to?''..

I personally find this issue to be quite stupid. I mean they did lose tons of money by doing this, and it obviously would've created tons of backlash from the community... Though to be quite honest, if instead of a ''zombie'' torso, which doesn't really look too appealing, there would've been a nice and cozy boobie pillow instead (With idk something that'd make it ''dead islandy''), then it would've been a different matter entirely.. That would've been a direct ''Well we kind of made this for men, cause women usually aren't really interested in sexual objects (That they can't already easily get, though this isn't my area of expertise.)''.

Yes Dark Silver f-ed up.. But is it enough to insult them for it? I'd say not.