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All four of the Lethal Weapon Movies, The Last Boyscout, Mad Max

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Max: Boy, it sure gets dark quick around here.
Sam: I don't think this is a natural occurrence, Max. In fact, I think we're witnessing a celestial convergence of some sort.
Max: Will it make that rock look more like a frog?
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At the moment, go through a clear save of Resident Evil 5

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Swine Flu finally entered Western Australia and I have it now. Right now I'm finding that Vix Vapour is the best thing at the moment and a nice strong dose of Panadol. Lying in bed playing videogames and not working is another strong medicine.

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I never understood how the general gamespot community perceived their game scores. I remember when Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess was scored as 8.9 and that was considered a huge critical flop. Not that gamespots attached score has any relevance to my play through but looking at it from a mind adled freak who only cares about the score out of ten....how in the name of Agmar is 8.9 considred a flop?

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It normally works out the same price due to shipping costs a lot of the time, but its great that I get to play it. For those of you interested a newly released game is $120AUD which at the moment is around $97.3 USD. How much is a new release game in the states normally? I'm guessing around $80 USD, which sucks pretty bad for us Australians =/

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The Definition of an Action Movie is a movie that is Lethal Weapon.

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Mate your going to do your dam nut in if you keep thinking like that, just relax and enjoy it. Your speaking as if nothing amazing is ever going to come out again. Yeah there will be all the things to look back on now but in twenty or even less years people will be looking back at some of the games we play today. You dont think people will think back to Call of Duty 4 and go 'yeah I remember back in 2008 when I played that, I'd never seen a game as cinematic and engaging as that before (yes that's entirely personal opinion)

The most ironic thing about this is that I ENVY YOU, yourself being someone who can just pick up a game and go holy shit I have never ever seen anything like before. Theres always going to be things to look back on, just enjoy what you play and leave it like that. If you are one of people that can go back and play oldergames then by all means do so but do so because you want to, not because of some strange dissociateve feelings you have for some inexplicable reason.

Stop over thinking and play mate.

When you get overwhelmed by these classic titles, then dude your on giantbomb. Click the link to go the to the the games wiki page and I'm sure someone would have typed what impact that game had on games today. Sure its not the same thing as playing it but I can appreciate acknowledging a games influence even if I have not played it myself. It might be away to remove this superficial alienation.

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Better storyline in Halo and better ways of telling is certainly a good thing. That was my main gripe in Halo series though they improved somewhat in Halo 3, this seems to be miles better. I'm looking forward to this now, not a big multiplayer Halo fan but the single player here seems to be quite content heavy.

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I think one of the main problems with the first one was that each area looked exactly the same to me and I do not know if this issue is going to be addressed in Creed 2. Still I'm loving the slight stylistic changes they are making especially in regard to the combat. One of other thing that makes me more hopeful is that they seem more focused on telling a narrative within the animus instead of being all about Desmond.

Also hope they keep the interesting targets for you to assassinate, the mission in the first creed game where you had to kill a doctor was one of my favorite morally ambiguous moments in a game ever.   Was he experimenting on them or was he just trying to help?

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