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I feel I also could use a bit of training when it comes to Mid, although i might not fit in 'very-high level'

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Hey duders, maybe some of you knew the ole dota-leagueth of the battle.net times ; It has now been ported to Dota 2 !

For those who do not know, this is basically a unofficial ladder system : wins give points, losses take them back. As of now there isn't enough people online at a given time for the matchmaking to make sense (It's still on 'beta', scheduled to be released on the 4th), but i expect the system to expand nicely with a growing number of players.

I have only done 3 games so far, but all have been quite enjoyable, without one side stomping the other or quitters ruining the match.

Word of notice though, there is a 300+ wins entry requirement (You have to allow sharing of your stats, this is verified through dotabuff)

Oh, and there's the url : http://dota2.n-gage.tv/

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If i'm not mistaken, the Team Cup does not give you anything. Every compendium match (The matchmaking with prepicked heroes) you win gives points to your favorite team and player, and at the end of each week, the ones with the most points get Dota2 items with a special rarity (displayed on the right page).
The tournament prediction segment of the compendium has a 'winner' prediction that you can fill out, although I am unaware of what the rewards will be.

As for the choice of a team, you can find the results of recent matches on dota2lounge, and check the prior performances of the teams in tournaments via the Dota 2 wiki.

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@woutr I set up a rapidshare acc in order to make my replays available (only has the first match yet), maybe the other teams can do that too.


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I believe this is the link he wanted to share

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@do_the_manta_ray : I defaulted our postions since we don't really have a structured team, but i'll edit the post to be more accurate somehow.

By the way, I've set myself as captain since i'm the only one using the forums, but ded game will do most of our picks

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Team : Me He

Tag : MH

Bracket : High

Players :


(Me) - 560 wins - Cap & Carry / Support - EU West
ded game - 839 wins - Carry / Ganker - EU West
Louk - 534 wins - Carry / Offlane - US West
Elgo - 376 wins - Support - EU West
ab - 954 wins - Carry - EU West
Koubs - 1703 wins - Support / Ganker - EU West

US East is sorta fine for us, US West is near unplayable ('cept for Louk). I'm the only proper duder in the team, sadly.

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To be honest I was hoping the callout would do the trick !

Nontheless, I've mentionned it to Crispy, who was hanging in the Dota chat, maybe he'll get the word to the Daily Dota crew

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Why hasn't @brad signed up yet, I wonder.

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@do_the_manta_ray: Following your idea of not giving specific times for the matches, I suggest giving the teams a deadline to come up with a match result. Let's say one week for a tournament stage (ie one match per team), since it has elimination you'll be done in a little more than a month.

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