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@rirse: They really need a like system on Giant Bomb.

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@dagas: At least you aren't Kanye West today, that man is taking a pounding.

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Was watching old Celebrity Mean Tweets from Jimmy Kimmel Live on YouTube. My laughing turned into sadness when this one came up. I didn't know Ryan, but man I miss that dude.

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@bigsocrates: The Mario Kart series is the worst for rubber banding.

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@34baxter said:

I hope i'm not being a penis, this is my first post on this site. I just wanted to put my opinion out there and see if you guys agree or if i am just a douche. This game of the year stuff is just not the type of content i personally visit this website for.

Well then don't read it, ya penis. No one cares that you don't like it.

Plenty of other people are interested in what the crews favorite games of the year are.

The old censorship argument! If you don't like it, make your own conscious decision to avoid it. I hope one day people will realize that imposing their views to entice change is morally presumptuous.

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They booked the ending to Raw last week so well, only to screw it up the next night. Also, regardless if Bray is hurt or not, the Survivor Series match is a tag team match so you can hide him.

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@dazzhardy: That video kept true to your promise, but kinda underdelivered. It's good to see her enjoying herself and her job. To think that just over a year ago she was working at theScore, hosting a post-Raw talkshow.

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I didn't read any of the responses, but I like Eminem too!

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In San Andreas it was the mission where you have to drive the dirt bike next to the train. To this day I was never able to beat the game because I couldn't get past that mission due to not being able to drive the bike well enough.

Heh, I had the same problem, and always trainered my way past that mission. Then I replayed it a few weeks ago and just nailed it on my first try... go figure. Same with the toy helicopter mission in Vice City.

Now, the Zero missions... those are still bullshit.

Some of those flying school missions in San Andreas were a bitch as well. Especially the one where you have to keep to a very specific altitude otherwise you'll get shot down.

Those were side-missions that were totally worth doing though. I loathed each and every helicopter mission in that flight school.

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He was only Level 9? Wait, what level am I?

Edit: Oh, that was on Steam. Also, I miss the guy, too.