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I really dig the PS4 Gold Wireless Stereo Headset. I'm pretty sure it only emulates surround sound, but it does it very, very well for a sub-$100 device. I am not sure about how well these will work with a PC though -- they use bluetooth, so I guess it would depend on available drivers and whether or not you have a bluetooth chip in your machine.

I use the Razer Blackshark on my PC, mostly for the removable microphone. I don't like it getting in the way when I am not playing with friends, which is most of the time. It is super comfortable and worth the purchase price in my opinion and experience with it. It also works great with Razer Surround, which is a software that tricks standard stereo audio into emulating surround sound effects. Being a Razer headset, there are built in configuration options for the Blackshark. I have had this thing since last February without any issues. You can hook it up to a PS4 if you purchase a USB sound card and plug it in. It's difficult to control the volume and microphone options using this method though.

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A friend of mine brought over his PlayStation 4 copy of Need For Speed: Rivals today and I was really into it. I'm thinking about purchasing the game digitally, but I'm curious - will purchasing the digital version enable me to access the current install, or will I need to download another copy of the game?

Having trouble finding an answer to this elsewhere

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This thread title is like something Fox News might post were they at all in favor of video games.

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@Kombat: That's awesome/not awesome/hilarious.

Just from watching the Quick Look I could kinda get that feeling. So what's the problem exactly, small levels?

Very small. Just a bit ago I was killed, and there is this "gun lift" animation that plays when you first respawn. I was knifed in the back before that animation finished. Very frustrating.

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@Th3_James said:

Clem needs to die. She has been bothing me the whole time and acting scared when I brutaklly murder someone close to us.


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@GERALTITUDE: Most first person shooters have this issue, but in Black Ops 2 it's like a goddamn plague.

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The Call of Duty franchise has always had a "problem" when it comes to its multiplayer spawn system. I have been holding my breath for the day that one of either Infinity Ward or Treyarch decides to take steps to address it. With Black Ops 2 it seems the latter of these developers has chosen to celebrate the problem rather than fix it. Half the kill cams I've watched since picking the game up on Monday night seem to involve players spawning on my immediate flank and barely taking a step before unloading a magazine into my torso. On average (I have actually done the math) I take about five steps from my initial position before encountering another player following death.

This morning I decided to see how long it would take for me to die were I to spawn and remain in that position without moving. 9 times out of 10 it was within 5 seconds.

I'm a Call of Duty fan within a community that seems pretty down on the franchise these days, so I know I am going to get a lot of "I told you so's" and whatnot. Regardless I've never really had a problem with the series that was crippling to the experience. Now I'm just finding it entirely impossible to have fun with the game. A few more days of multiplayer like this and I'll plow through the campaign and give this one back to GameStop.

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Persona 4: The Golden.



I think that's pretty much it.

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I'm not enjoying it at all. Compared to Day Z, which is a clunky buggy alpha mod, it's a total mess. I'm glad they altered the inventory system though.

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@PHARAOH said:

Jeff was down on guild wars 2 and says its just wow so why hasn't he did a quick look of MOP? Or is he a secret wow Fanboy lol? MOP has been out a while and no quick look, come on guys i would like your opinion on the new expansion since Jeff labeled it as just wow which it isn't. SWTOR yes but guild wars is way different in far more ways and it's F2P without them nerfing your access to the game.

It really is just WoW. It's the same shit in a new environment. Fame journalists barely have time to play the MMOs they review. I doubt that any of the Giant Bomb staff have the level 85 character necessary to dive into MoP's content.