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@Ryax said:
" @extremeradical said:
" Nay. Very much Nay. "
i second this and extend it to nay to the max "
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For comedy I'd say Love Hina, but don't venture beyond that point with the whole harem genre.  It gets old and stale very quickly.

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@Elazul said:
" @Colin said:
" Some reason that reminds me of the HD-DVD drive lol. "
Yeah, I'm pretty sure that it IS the HD-DVD drive. "
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@PufferFiz said:

" @Venatio said:

" Giantbomb FFXII: Score 3/5 stars, there ya go "

I expect this as well. "
Same.  But you're assuming the OP only cares about the score.  Those words in Giant Bomb's reviews are there for a reason.
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I find that it's so much more rewarding to wander into those independent game stores that sell older games and find what you're looking for.  That's like half the appeal of being a collector in my opinion. 
I'm really not sure of any sites at the moment.  You've ruled out eBay, but really, that's always going to be your best bet.

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Why did they need a countdown for this?  Please BioWare, next time make a countdown for something worthwhile.  Or, as a much more enticing alternative, just never use a countdown again.  Ever.  Countdowns suck.

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Not at all.  Still bewildered at the amount of people bitching about this whole PS3-Linux situation.  That's what computers are for, not video game consoles.

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@HitmanAgent47 said:

Most pc gamers eats cheetos or other cheeze products playing pc games.

I hope that's not true.  Cheeto dust is the bane of life itself, and if anyone willingly touches their computer keyboard -- or anything for that matter -- while also partaking in a bag of delicious Cheetos, they should be shot.  It's almost as bad as injecting someone with AIDS.
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@Vager said:
" Don't stare! Theres a possibility of being accidentally hypnotized by watching those boobs go back and forth. "
That already happened to me earlier.  I've spent the majority of the day since watching tentacle hentai and reading bad fanfiction.
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@BeachThunder said:
" This is pretty bazaar =/ why is a Canadian company running a US only...um...thing. "
Because it's likely EA, and not BioWare, that's running it.