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$200 a head at Bazaar Meat at the SLS in Las Vegas. The food was totally mind-blowing including "Foieffles" which was foie gras baked into little waffles. Definitely an extravagance but it was in no way disappointing.

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I bought EDF2017 with a friend for $20 intending to play it, trade it in, and keep playing shitty C-list games all summer. We had so much stupid fun with it we almost didn't want to give it back, but sticking to the plan went to the GameStop, picked out a new game, and traded it in. They bought it back for $1.50 and I was so surprised I didn't think to say "fuck you" at checkout and keep it. Got so mad about having traded in that little piece of our history for such a pittance I went on eBay and found a cheap copy just to have it in the library.

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They've gotta want it for the coming VR market.

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I understand its turns since the banshee, had that taken into account. Playing on Master, and maybe it was a bug but after entering the catacombs I died on the next turn no matter what I did, no warning just the text from dying because of the curse. I had to reload a save in Duggan's chamber to avoid it and happily got in 200 more turns as usual before the curse set in.

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I not quite stuck on anything at the moment, but I might take you up on the offer later. That walkthrough looks hard to navigate one piece at a time without spoilers.

But out of curiosity, do you happen to know why the banshee's curse kills you immediately when entering the catacombs below Duggan's throne? Normally I was dying around turn 600 or so but the died in the catacombs just over 400, suddenly, without the normal warnings. Also, looking at yourself while the curse is on mentions the weight of the shield--any idea if having the shield equipped makes the curse kill you faster?

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Never played the original but enjoying the new release. Only problem is it is quite hard at times. Every 500 turns or so I get horribly, frustratingly stumped. So far the only way I've found to get a hint on moving forward is scanning through Let's Play's on youtube, which is a pain and spoiler-y.

Know of any other early hints/tips/walkthroughs on the new version? Searching for walkthroughs only turns up stuff for the original series of releases.

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I've been playing it a while and I would recommend it. Single player is indeed a ton of fun, voice acting and characters are well done and its fun to watch story stuff play out. The strategy stuff is pretty inoffensive but the RTS part is pretty simple. Its very quickly paced and if the enemy brings more units to start with you can be doomed to fail. Even with an even match the game is really just about pumping out as many units as possible, and if you happen to have low popularity with the native faction in one territory and there have been lots of battle on that territory there won't be any recruits left to fight with (recruits being the only resource).

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First celebrity death I've ever cared about, much less blinked an eye at.