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It's really hard to keep up with the discussions I can't have on this site. Games Journalism moves so quickly these days.

Anyone have some kind of list of names/phrases/topics to point me to so I know what things will get threads locked/deleted/banned?

Thanks for the help!

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Scoops throwing down some sick meta-commentary in that typo!

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@UnrealDP: Here is a raw screenshot at a different angle, with the important bit magnified:

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@Rolyatkcinmai: WAIT A SECOND!

I went back through some of the other guns and I found this on the recurve bow:

Good luck. Have Batmans.

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Here's the image expanded. It's definitely "GB TNT":

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I was stealthing my way through a stronghold when I saw this on the gun I just unlocked!

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I - I don't kn- that photo seems so ubiquitous in the GB community, there must be a video? or a bombcast excerpt?

Was it back in the Gamespot days?

I don't know man, I've tried as hard as I can on google, and you can't beat 100 percent.