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I was real indifferent after my first try at it but after I unlocked the monk I powered through it and straight up finished it on my "second" attempt at the game. I really like it but that last set of levels with the thwomp things is a real bitch. Pretty sure it has Mary Elizabeth McGlynn doing the voice of Katrien, and if it turns out it does.. 10/10.

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It's rubbish and no one plays it (naval.) it's basically if you're Redfor, clump your ships together so your ciws can cover all your ships an spam anti ship missiles. If you're blufor you just use heavies and spam asm planes. Don't buy it for the naval. Right now not a lot of people are playing because most people are waiting for the big balance patch that's coming.

Also the single player is rubbish so don't buy it for that either, multiplayer all the way but don't expect anything really balanced till the big patch comes out.

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First ingredient in how to make a NY bomb is a casually racist Italian. Second ingredient, is a grown man with a questionable beard/goatee thing. Stir things up with simulators that teach you how to do things like, fly, and drive large trucks then throw in community questions such as "what do you guys do all day?" and you have a winning combination.

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We are so fortunate to have scoops.

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Side quest where you buy schoolgirl panties from a vending machine, then cops show up so you bail, then figure out the panties belong to hatsune miku and not a schoolgirl therefore you are innocent and beef bowls a plenty. After that, brad gets sleepy and gets groped on the train effecting brads combat effectiveness until macguffin then quest over. Emotional story telling up in this bitch.

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They're all saved on Jeff's mixlr under "showreels."

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Here's a better one. Rorie plays through neverwinter nights 2 + expansions. Watching Rorie play nwn2 on that supply drop stream was real interesting to me, made me wanna play some nwn2, and I did, but that game is fucking hard.

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Peez Machine.

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unprofessional fridays just got a whole lot more professional. :(