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I like yoshi but his big nose gets in the way, even with the transparency stuff still, stupid big nosed dinosaur that I love.

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- DCS World

- Falcon BMS

- Euro Truck Simulator 2

- Shogun 2: Total War

- Company of Heroes

- Wargame series

- Team Fortress 2

- Counter Strike

- Chivalry

- Insurgency

- Europa Universalis 4

- Portal series

- Arma 2

- Bethesda games with mods

- Jagged Alliance 2

- Garry's mod

- Guild Wars 2

All I can think of right now.

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As long as GB keeps getting that hot subscriber cash, they can hold off the suits' desire to save money by making them a weekly 5 minute gamespot segment.

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vocabulary and grammary is my new favourite term, thank you. I like your art too but that fireball or whatever is pretty lackluster.

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I'm still waiting for some flight club dcs: flaming cliffs 3 and dcs: mi8.

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You're a sick fuck, quit trying to corrupt our children with your man-consumables relationships! God damn liberals.. It's all that Obama's fault... Chem Trails!

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I doubt they'd do it, this is a MOBA site now.

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Call of duty 4: modern warfare HD

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If you want teamwork and strategy then check out natural selection 2, it isn't 100% an FPS because one team are aliens but it's the most teamwork intensive FPS I can think of. It's also in the current weekly humble bundle.

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Why aren't you using stamps.com small business owner?