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In case anyone is trying to do the Giant Bombcast in Overcast now, it's currently:


I cannot describe in words how frustrating it was to add "username:password@". Every time I typed the "@" it deleted the URL. Anyways, that's the URL you want to use for the Bombast.

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@rorie: Thank you to Jeff, you and the rest of the staff for putting into words more elegantly, logically, and intelligently than I ever could.

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Wanted to watch some old Quicklooks, but nothing is loading. Watched UPF earlier today with no problem, but now I can't seem to download or watch anything at all!


Chrome on Win7 64, cable internet that's loading youtube just fine.

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That twitter stream should have been the Unprofessional Friday.

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@jouseldelka: Because double-layer DVDs hold 9.4GB of data.