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The sunset over Monaco. 1

  To an onlooker, motorsport seems like a dense and very niche subject filled with people you wouldn’t want to bring round for dinner, because rather inevitably the conversation would be filled with, opposite lock, rear diff’s, gear ratios, side partings and a very healthy dose of Ferrari badges. Codemasters seem to have realized this and as a result F1 2010 strips most of that away and delivers a fine driving and F1 experience to those not necessarily “in the know” The experience in question ...

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Concepts that don't come together. 0

Officers is a obscure PC Historical Real Time Strategy game released March 2008 developed and published by Game Factory Interactive, the publisher of eastern European titles such as UberSoldier. The catch of the game which lets Officers stand out from other PC RTS  titles is its scale, the game features over 10 square miles of battlefield and units with realistic weapon ranges which lead to rather large and engaging firefights, a change from the more “arcade” style games such as Company of Hero...

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Too ambitious and outdated 1

Soldier front is a game that in concept has many great ideas, unfortunatly it doesn't capitalize on any of the concepts and get riddled with problems and bugs along the way making it a very horrible multiplayer experience.To start of with when you first look at the game you think, Oh wow look at this FINALLY a MMOFPS with charector customization a wide array of weapons and gear to equip your guy with and lots of players online at any time to shoot! Its perfect, well could of been. The concepts t...

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It feels like im being left behind. 0

Call of Duty 4 being the 7th game in the Call of Duty franchise feels excellent it combines enough new concepts to old concepts to create a blend of awesome that unfortunately gets cut off at the INCREDIBLY short single player campaign which is a great example of quality over quantity which feels like an incredibly insane action movie in 4D where you want to get off but something is compelling you not to which is where the game then flows to the Multiplayer.Multiplayer is really where the game s...

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