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Oh snap! Could always play more Spelunky!

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It's community. It's not supposed to be a place for conversation. It's a chorus.

When you go to a (LOCAL SPORTS TEAM) game, you don't expect to have a conversation with everyone at (LOCAL VENUE). But you all cheer when there are #BIGPLAYS and you feel like a part of something.

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I went to Gamespot when I was a teenager, even though I didn't really check out the hotspot or anything. I was mostly into just game reviews and previews and stuff at the time. I remember Jeff getting fired, though I mostly knew him as "that game reviewer who is kinda harsh." I also remember Brad was the one with the cool voice.

Anyway, I stumbled upon the bombcast about a year in and was so stoked that Jeff started his own thing and Ryan and Brad came with him. It seemed like expert level critical game analysis combined with a laid-back, guys in their basement indie passion. Every other site seemed so corporate and stiff by comparison.

These days, other sites seem to be leaning into their personalities more and more, which is cool. But Giant Bomb still seems like the most laid back, down to earth site. But it also just seems like a higher standard here. People just get it. I'm into it.

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I haven't finished the podcast, but are you just referring to the passing of Douglas E. Smith? That didn't seem bad to me? He mentioned that someone in the gaming industry died and that this will not be the last time this happens.

I mean shit. I have SO MUCH anxiety about death. Thinking about it leads to bad feelings (understatement). But I know the answer isn't to just hide from all mention of death so that I won't get the bad feelings. The answer is that I need to accept the fact that death is a part of life so that I can get on with living. It's not going to go away. And you can't hide from it. So why try?

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Shoot man, I don't know. I played a lot of Reaper of Souls I guess. I mean, some good games came out, like Divinity, but I wasn't really interested in playing them. I really like the Wolf among Us i guess, but GOTY? Naw.... I'm pretty excite about Dragon Age 3. I got high apple pie in the sky hopes for that.


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Ha, a Rare joke! Pretty sneaky!

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I just don't... I can't even. What is video games? What is billion? I don't know anything today.

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I think Destiny is one of the best test cases for a more flexible review process. I pretty much agree with the scores I've seen from what I've played. But hell, the raids aren't even in the game yet! Destiny could be revealed to be much better than it currently is, and I think scores should change to reflect that. If raids, or other meaningful endgame content is added to make it much better, then I think the score should go up.

But, these reviews are meant to be purchasing advice, and people should know what they are getting. And if that is a game where you revisit the same areas over and over and over again shooting the same enemies each time... I mean, that's just not gonna jive well with everyone.

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I get so pissed off the way they talk about this game. 10 year game! Gimme a break.

I read another piece where some Bungie guy said they he doesn't think anyone will really finish Destiny.

Because you will always find new opponents in the multi player. C'mon! Who are you fooling?!

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The ghost character is such of a strange concept to me. It's a magic robot thing? But it has a personality?

I dunno, it's odd to me to have a robot that can phase in and out of existence that seem constantly worried about it's personal well being. It seems pretty concerned with not dying. But it's a robot... I mean, I guess you could say the same thing about Cortana. But it just feels strange. Like, I get an uncanny valley kind of feeling from the voice work. It's saying things like "Tripmines!" and "I don't want to die out here!" but it doesn't sound... right.