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It took me a few tries to get the towers working. Seems like they go on and off. (Not intentionally I think)

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@sergio: I actually did do that. I was very surprised to find that Sony seems to actually respond to BBB complaints. Also, I get to put those complaints in the form of an email, my preferred method of communication. I feel I get flustered too easily on the phone, which is the only way to contact Sony support proper. The only way listed on their website anyway.

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@monkeyking1969: That's good advice. I should have waited a few days before calling. I tried not to be a jerk on the phone and didn't say anything mean but I'm sure they could hear the frustration in my voice. And it's hard not to get agitated when it feels like the guy on the other end is just giving you the runaround. I just get anxious if I have a task to complete and I prefer to just work at the problem until it's solved.

But honestly, fuck 'em. It's obviously a problem with their hardware. Even if the warranty was out and this was the first time contacting them, they should still replace it. The guys there made me feel like it was my fault cause I wasn't proactive enough with the warranty and that I SHOULD have bought extended warranty to 'protect my PlayStation' (Protect it from what? Being poorly designed?) They even suggested I was pulling a fast one on them on them because I used their help center website instead of contacting them right away and was lying about trying to get it resolved. I had no doubt before that if the system was messed up because of a design flaw, Sony would make it right. Now, if Shuhei Yoshida came in this thread and said 'He'd make it right' it still wouldn't be enough. I'm sure I'll be able to fix it myself but I'm really just pissed off at this point.

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@metalbaofu: Yeah, that's exactly what has been happening to me. The biggest problem is that every fix I try makes it go away for a while, then it always seems to come back, which is why we are at this point now. Costumer service is treating me like I dragged my feet on this when I feel like I didn't. Haven't tried removing the rubber or propping it up. Gonna try now.

As for that link, my problem is that I followed guides like this. Sony doesn't count it as "contacting them" if you went to the PlayStation help center and followed the instructions. The lesson I learned was to send your hardware in for service at the first sign of trouble.

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@dayve86: Thanks for the advice. They are saying it will cost $161. For a 2 cent spring. I'm just flabbergasted it has come to this point.

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@purpleoddity said:

This may be different in your country, but don't warranties usually apply to the date of the fault, not the date you report it? I'd check the wording carefully and see if this is the case, otherwise just stay on the phone till they have no choice but to escalate the call. :P

Yes, this is exactly what I would think. I've been on the phone for an hour with no progress. They claim to be totally black and white with this issue. If you send it in one second after the warranty year is up, you gotta pay. Honestly I feel like I can try and fix this myself but I feel really burned by Sony here. I didn't realize buying launch hardware was such a risk and I would never suggest it to anyone. I thought the worst that would happen would be that I'd be without a console for a month if I had to send it in.

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@punched: It's a hardware issue that has gotten worse over time. I thought it was fixed at first because it happened months in between. Now it happens every few days. I wouldn't be surprised if the whole thing breaks entirely soon.

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@rongalaxy: Yeah, I'm no stranger to opening up a PlayStation to fix problems. But never this soon. I knew I was running a risk buying launch hardware but I figured if the console did have problems they would fix it. Part of it is the principle of the thing you know?

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I bought my PS4 around launch and I've been dealing with this issue where the PS4 ejects disks and won't accept them until I power cycle the console (Side note: Anyone else dealing with this?).

I've been back and forth working with support and they had some at home fixes to try. They worked for a while but it keeps coming back. They admitted now that the console needs service, but now the warranty has run out while we were trying to fix it! I'm pretty steamed about this because if they just said this was a risk in the first place, I would have just sent it in first thing. But now it feels like I got the runaround until it wasn't their problem anymore.

Does anyone have any advice/experience with how to deal with this? Should I just call back and keep trying to go up the ladder until I get what I want? Email? Threats? (Like making forum threads about how bad their costumer service is?) Thanks!

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@zeik: My point is just that finding creative ways to get people to spend money on things they want is nothing new. In that way Mortal Kombat (or video games in general) have not changed.

Also, Mortal Kombat 1 came out in 1992. The cost of making a game has gone up a LOT and the value of a quarter has gone down a lot. Comparing specific prices from the two eras does not paint the full picture.