Enjoying Monday Night Combat

So, I've been playing some Monday Night Combat over the last week or so, and I have to say, it's a lot of fun. While it seems like a ton of people like to play support, gunner or assasin, I've lately been having the most fun playing sniper. This is pretty unusual for me, as I don't tend to play sniping characters in shooters. I tried the class just for shits and giggles, but once I started controlling entire flanks of maps I was hooked.   

Typically, I level up my rifle and traps first, followed by turrets in the base, more bots, flak, and finally my grapple. I generally will lay traps on either side of myself, careful to put them in front of the usual landing zones for lifts. By doing so I can generally hear the freeze sound if an enemy sneaks around on the other flank and tries to shank me. While the player is ensnared in my trap,  I just back away and headshot them while they are still stuck.  
I never thought that the sniper would be that useful for taking down turrets, but he actually isn't too bad. Since I am usually way out of range for most turrets to shoot back at me, I just pound away at them with my rifle. This usually takes quite a few shots, but it does help fill my juice, and when juiced I have found that I can quickly take down a turret on my own. I'll often go juiced before my support buddy goes into their base to hack one of their turrets, usually their rockets. This gives the support player a bit more breathing room and of course forces the other team to build yet another new turret. Then, if the hack is successful, I will lay down covering fire for the support player as they lay out their fire base, heal the turret they just hacked, and try to stay alive in enemy territory. This can lead to some easy headshots when enemy players line up to try and pick off the lone support guy or his turret.   
I think I'm going to try to learn the tank next. While not a ton of people seem to play that character, the few people I have seen play it can absolutely tear up the other team's base and bots. Wrecking another team's base and causing general havoc with a jet engine gun sounds like fun to me. I've also seen people use it while juiced in overtime to devastate the money ball.  
Juice in overtime is actually something I think needs to be controlled a little bit more. It seems like too many players just try to sit back and save their easy money during regular time, and then they all juice as soon as OT starts, and have the money ball down in no time. I get that this is a legitimate strategy, but I wish there was something to encourage the teams to try and win during regular time. Perhaps this will happen in a future patch. 


This new quest system is pretty fun. I really enjoyed reminiscing about old failed video game pieces. I remember that at the time they came out, a neighbor kid used to get all of them and I was jealous.
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