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I never thought I could cry so much for someone that never knew my name. I don't have many friends, but the Giant Bomb crew has always been more than enough to keep me out of the gutter. I always thought they were an untouchable force of pure good in the world. I'll miss you Ryan. God dammit I will.

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Here come my tears again. Well said sir.

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God damn it. I'm so insanely sad right now. I'll miss you Ryan, things won't be the same :(

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@alexisg Thanks Alex ^_^ it's not that big a deal anyway. Already have a way around it so no worries. Site looks great.

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@rchen That was it thanks! I guess it doesn't work on Safari? I'll just use Chrome instead I guess.

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Every time. Dunno if it's me or not. Running on a Mac if that makes a difference.

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I was in a really snowy area (near one of the corners of the map I think) and was walking in this ravine when epic music started playing. I look up and, oh snap, a dragon! My flame atronach and I got the dragon down about to about 3/4 life and all of a sudden he flew about a hundred yards away and started breathing ice onto the ground well away from me. I ran over there and a 2 bandit, a sabre cat, and a snow wolf are in this 4-way free for all fight with the dragon! At the end of it all, everything except me was dead. Also found this old dwarven ruins right next to the fight that didn't leave any waypoint on my map. It was full of ore, ingots, and FUCKING ROBOTS.

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Clock Tower was always terrifying to me. Never felt so hopeless in a game before. One time I knocked a coat rack onto the Scissorman and ran out of the room. Came back right after that and he was gone. Chills ran up my back and I had to stop playing for a week.


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Thanks Z-Man

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Music was pretty catchy, I must say.