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Just Your Average 3rd Party Game. 0

 Young pirate fans embark with the pirate One-Eye on a thrilling trip which takes you up and down the Caribbean to discover countless islands and live through exciting adventures. The aim of this game is to find all nine pieces of Blackbeard's map scattered across the entire Caribbean, to raise the pirate treasure and to set free the lovely mermaid being held hostage by the soldiers.      Overall: The game isn't too swell. It plays with your brain a tad, and requires the clarity of thought, howe...

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Buzz Buzz BUZZING It's Way To The Top! 0

 A year ago, Buzz! Quiz Tv knocked my socks off. After reviewing a ton of entries in Sony's peripheral-based game show, the presentation, online functionality, and ability to make your own quizzes in Quiz TV captured my heart and made for the best Buzz game ever. Still, there was no voicechat for online games, you couldn't save profiles, and there were a number of other issues that took out the title's legs. Buzz! Quiz World fixes that stuff, keeps what worked from the last game, and has a level...

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Perfect For The Oldie Junkie. 0

 * Castlevania: Symphony of the Night - 2D action adventure that catapulted Castlevania into a new realm of open-ended gameplay with RPG elements * Frogger - One of the most popular arcade games of all time with additional bonuses from the original version * Super Contra - Expand the Contra experience with this sequel to the original title within the series as Bill and Lance battle the alien onslaught once again     If your into the Classic type of gameplay... Well no game is better than this on...

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"James Cameron's, Avatar The... WHAT?!?" 0

 It’s no secret to seasoned gamers that titles based on movie licenses, with few exceptions, are destined to suck. Budgets siphoned by big-name voice talent, tight development schedules and stories meant for another medium are just a few hurdles placed in front of these seeming attempts to simply cash-in on a film’s popularity.       It is especially interesting as to why they released the video game prior to the movie's arrival. It's as if they intended to promote all all players to never watch...

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Worth The 60$ 0

This version of Batman definitely left me awestruck. I found myself aching to finish up school, finish up my work, and finish up the homeWORK. All of this, Just to get home and play this great game. The game play was great.  Boss battles were extravagant.  The open "go kick some ass" environment left me HOOKED. The story was very well thought out. The skill and strategy necessary was very tasteful, in that, I had to think pretty hard to achieve the goals set out. After the story, there's still s...

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