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Pikmin 2 review 0

The original Pikmin game provided a fresh, interesting and overall fun take on the Real Time Strategy genre. When it was released on the Gamecube, Pikmin 2 turned the series into one of the well-loved Nintendo franchises, among the likes of Mario, Zelda and Starfox. Thanks to the New Play Control! range, Pikmin 2 has now been re-released on the Wii with widescreen and 480p support, as well as the obvious change of the control scheme. The story picks up where the first game left off (assuming yo...

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Mario Kart Wii Review 0

For every new Nintendo console, a new iteration of Nintendo's insanely popular racing spin-off, Mario Kart. Since the release of Super Mario Kart on the Super Nintendo, the series has gained a very large amount of fans, and was a lot of people’s introduction to Nintendo. Mario Kart’s unique take on the racing genre makes them a blast to play, and my favourite racing series of all time. Mario Kart DS has gained much critical acclaim since its launch in late 2005, and has been viewed by many to be...

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Super Mario Galaxy Review 0

When Super Mario 64 was released way back in 1996, fans of the 2D Mario games were stunned at how Nintendo took their most beloved mascot and took him into the third dimension. Seeing Mario in 3D for the first time was a great moment for fans of the series, and showed how much more elaborate the levels could be. Super Mario Sunshine, while still being an amazing game, is considered by some not to be a true successor to Super Mario 64, and since then, those people have been waiting for the true s...

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Resident Evil 5 Review 0

After Resident Evil 4 took a bold and successful venture into a different genre, any sequel that looks remotely similar was destined to be a very hyped game. Resident Evil 5’s hype went beyond that of Resident Evil 4. The trailers that were showed off the gameplay that many came to adore after playing Resident Evil 4, and got people very excited for the game. After a less than amazing demo was released, the full game is now available. Is Capcom’s latest effort as good as Resident Evil 4, or doe...

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Resident Evil 4 Review 0

The Resident Evil series started in 1996 with Resident Evil on the PlayStation. It wasn't the first survival horror game, but its success gave the genre a huge boost in popularity. It was a truly revolutionary game for the genre. However, video game formulas, no matter how great, will become stale eventually. Some of the Resident Evil games to follow weren't necessarily bad, just forgettable. Capcom took care of this issue and took the series in a new direction. The result was Resident Evil 4. ...

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NPC: Pikmin Review 0

Shigeru Miyamoto. One of the most prolific and unique video game designers of all time. It's easy to think not so positively of him though, but don't be fooled. Before moving onto a questionably simple series of games known as the Wii series, he worked on some very great and influential games. The New Play Control range can now give new gamers, and gamers who just missed out on the first release, a chance to play a critically acclaimed game series called Pikmin. In Pikmin, you control Captain O...

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