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I agree with everything being said here so far and I am also experiencing the same issues. It has gotten to the point that the video player has become unusable and makes watching premium content impossible. I have been a subscriber of the site since the option was put in place but it is becoming increasingly difficult to justify paying for a service I can not even use. I really don't want to stop subscribing as the subscription videos are some of the best on the site, but with the constant lack of input or even acknowledgement of this piss poor video player I don't see myself resubscribing this year.

@rorie Your my man. Please let us know this is an issue and top men are on it!

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Steam is acting wonky for me as well right now. Wait it out and see I guess

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I would like hotline miami :)

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Life and INnoVattion GO!

It was sad to see MC get knocked out so early, I thought for sure he'd make it at least to Ro16.

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Taking a look at that site, are you talking about the female skins with a bang hanging over one eye?