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So remember that Wrestling Retribution thing from a couple of years ago?

Well, Jeff Katz (WCW.com writer turned big time Hollywood producer and friend of one Gary Whitta) just put out an update about it saying that the entire season should be out in the fall and has put out a free preview match (use the password whattooksolongkatz to view the video). He also said that he would honor all Kickstarter backer rewards as well as refunding everyone that gave money on the project.

What's with all the weird ringnames for people we know? Punchline = Colt Cabana Chris Hyde = Chris Hero, etc

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So, no update then?

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I'm having the same problem. I had a previous account here, came back after a year and couldn't access it, that account appears to be gone but I still can't claim my gamertag on this account.

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I think the WTF (World Tekken Federation) stuff is going to be very cool. It's like all the stat tracking and clan stuff that Halo does, but for a fighting game.

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I'm having the same problem. I couldn't access my old account, and now my Gamertag is stranded over there.

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Tekken Tag is WAY beyond what was good about Tekken 3. And the fact that they have Fight Lab in there to give you a hands on way of really learning how to play means you should AT LEAST Redbox it. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised!

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It's this kind of in-depth stuff that I'd love to see as a DVD in a special edition, or as a pre-order bonus.

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They've added EVEN MORE stuff to the preorder package if you're preordering at Gamestop.

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If you're looking to get ready, you should check out www.levelupyourgame.com because they have IN DEPTH tutorials on the game basics. I'd love to see more people get into Tekken, because the T6 online scene is kind of dead, and I don't have any arcades near me anymore.