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that it wont play like the older games, it's a "god game" instead, that would definately piss me off

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@Supermarius said:
" @KORNdog: thats like saying every match 3 game is a Columns ripoff. Games where you form shapes from pieces are not all universally tetris clones. Further, every game that has you match things to a beat or rewards you with procedurally generated music or musical complexity is not a lumines ripoff. Rhythm-based puzzle games are a new-forming puzzle sub-genre. Lumines was one of the first, but its silly to say that no games should be made that use some of the ideas from it.  Thats like saying that half life is stupid because its just a Doom clone.   Some games create whole new genres or subgenes and every game that is inspired by some other landmark game is not forever tainted by its association.   Alot of the best series in videogames have resulted from the meticulous iteration on well-worn gaming tropes. If you dismiss games like this out of hand, your just denying yourself alot of potential enjoyment. "
SOME ideas is a whole world different to using ALL of the ideas a game has. it's one thing to build on the foundation a game has set, but to copy it is a no-no for me.  how does that show any sort of development of creativity if all you're going to copying something else.
it isnt the fact that it is using a tried and true formula (block puzzle games), since there are tons of vastly different ones out there, it's the fact that it is, for all intents and purposes, the SAME as lumines, the music based gameplay, the side scrolling "sound" bar, the way the blocks form together to create sounds, the list goes on and on.
i'm all for game taking elements of other games to form something unique of their own, but much like dante's inferno, i refuse to support blatant copy cats. which this is. 
they say imitaton is the highest form of flattery, but imo, imitation is admiting you have no creative talent at all.
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tetris meets lumines, about as uninspired as you can possibly get. no thanks, not even for the low price point.