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@josty81: I suppose so, yea, even hear people complaining about games like Crysis 2 (especially the PC crowd) on how it coulda looked better i was like wow... people are starting to get a little ridiculous, I think graphics are an asset but if games have good gameplay people should be able to look over some graphical missteps =P
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-_- ' got nothing yet because I can't access the store, but I'm going to get LBP Wipeout and Dead nation, because I have the rest =P <3

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Light blue!! ^^

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Am I the only one who didn't really enjoy Infamous 1? o.O'

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@keyhunter: ahhhh I soo agree!!! Prey was soooooo good!!! So under-appreciated also! <3
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@Chaser324: and GT 5 ^_~
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@HitmanAgent47: I think it was a kind of everwhere pre order, maybe not but definitely from Gamestop, they should have given you a little card with a code on it, you have to go to http://www.dukenukemforever.com/access and put your code in there as well as your e-mail and then you should be able to get in, also if you paid for Borderlands on the PC or the GOTY edition on consoles, if you have Borderlands on PC click on CD-Key and it should say duke nukem forever first access club ^^ <3
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I think I may have enjoyed it more, just having played almost every FPS to come out recently.. In the demo I never got the feeling of oh eff this is just another FPS, which to be honest.... is GREAT, I think it's all about mindset, I really really enjoyed the demo, but hey, what do I know right? ;P <3

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@Turambar: O.O!! THANKS YOU! ^^ <3
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So I finished the game the other day, and I finished about 36 out of 40 side missions, I was wondering if there's a method to the side mission? Like can you finish them all right off the start or do you have to complete the story missions in order to unlock further side missions? Lastly, do they trigger by you driving around a certain area or is it done some other way? =P

Thanks for any help you can give me!! ^.^<3