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What's there to say? I'm of average height, average attractiveness, average physique (well, maybe I'm a bit on the thin side). My eyesight's bad, my posture ain't too good and my bones make these weird cracking sounds, despite the fact that I'm in my mid twenties.

Irreligious, politically centrist to a fault (another way of saying that I'm indecisive), I like technology, I dislike spiders and dentists, I obviously like Giant Bomb and I'm mainly doing this for an achievement. It's not like anyone cares what's in here, right?

I have never broken a bone, never been stung by a bee (but I have been stung by a wasp), I have never rode on a bike, I have never got into a fight, when I was in school I never got detention, nor did I make any friends or enemies.

I have a Master's Degree in Molecular Biology - despite pretty much forgetting all the stuff I learned during my under-grad years, so that's scary. What's even scarier is that I managed to get into Medical School, and I just finished first year medicine. I'll soon have the power to use MRI machines and perform surgery. So that's pretty scary, because frankly I'm not sure I'm reliable enough to be given those privileges.

I'm a flake as well - so don't depend on me, otherwise we'll both regret it. I'm not poor but I'm not rich. I'm not too soft-spoken, nor am I too loudly spoken. I have strong opinions, yet I am far too cowardly to voice them in public.

I'm your average joe. In fact, I'm the ULTRA-average joe. You'd be very, VERY hard pressed to find anyone more average than me. I suppose I'm slightly good at academic work, given the fact that I have a post-grad degree. But apart from that, I'm like wallpaper. In a crowd, I'm the person you never see, and if you do see me, you'll forget me instantly.

So why are you reading this?

Actually I'm not that bad a guy. I'm not an axe murderer, or a murderer or any sort, so I can feel good about that. I don't scam people or lie to them, or hurt them, or beat up people or discriminate against them, and I don't make anyone's life difficult, so that's all not so bad.

Still, I'm not interesting. Really. I'm boring. Really boring.