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I agree absolutely. I can stand a protagonist being a "little" evil, but I can't stand an inconsistent character. It's why I detestd Niko in GTA IV - one minute he's waxing lyrical about the horrors of war and how people are used by the powerful to do evil deeds, and the next he's doing those evil deeds simply because he was asked to.

I haven't played Watch Dogs (and given the current state of the PC port, that won't happen for quite some time yet) but I have watched a bit of it on Youtube, and Aiden's just.... he's an absolute hypocrite. His crimes are "justified" in his eyes, even when his crimes are open theft against people on the street. He drains bank accounts of regular people and doesn't bat an eyelid. He causes absolute mayhem and destruction - and does he ever accept some responsibility for the death of his niece?

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Great! Best of luck in your new job. It's always great when you take an opportunity that challenges you, and pushes you to do your best. Even if it doesn't work out in that particular instance, you take the lessons and the skills you learn and apply it in other areas.

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As long as Jeff, Vinny and Brad still work there, my subscription is confirmed. Dan seems alright, but he's still new and "green" and it takes a while for me to figure out if I actually find someone worth watching/listening to. When Patrick started out, I couldn't stand his voice, but after about 4 or 5 months I was fine with him. Dan might turn out to be as good of a "hidden gem" as patrick, but right now he's not drawing me to GB - Jeff and Vinny are, for the most part. Brad's okay, but Brad needs those two to be interesting. By himself... uh, sorry but that's not something I would watch. Drew's cool.... but he's no Jeff or Ryan or Vinny. Alex is good, and out of Brad and Drew he might be the best at going it alone, but still, it's better that he has Vinny with him.

So long as Jeff and Vinny (and to some extent Brad) continue working there, I'll subscribe until I'm dead. But if those two go..... errrgggh..... I probably wouldn't even visit GB again.

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If the US doesn't want to use the Metric System, oh well. Everyone else uses it. You know it's not hard to adapt to - it really isn't. Many other nations have. All your important industries use metric.

It's all based on simply shifting the decimal place around to convert from one unit to another. It's SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Simple. And I mean, REALLY simple. It's so simple children as young as 7 can easily grasp the metric system. Sure, you can use the Imperial System, or what have you, but the Metric system does the same job and it's just easier. Much, much easier. Incredibly easy. I mean, it's as simple a system as you can get - you can't get simpler than Metric. Why make life difficult for yourselves? There's a simpler system which is more widely used.... I don't know why you don't switch. Almost everyone else has!

You can stick to the feet and yards and gallons and whatnot, but you're just doing yourselves a disservice.

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The only one I really enjoyed was Shadow Broker - that one was absolutely worth the price. The rest were pretty average or terrible.

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In Australia, our conservative party is called the "Liberal" Party, because they consider themselves Libertarian. Our Left-wing party is called the Labor Party.

I get along with "Liberal" supporters, even if I am a Labor person myself. I just don't talk about politics with them very much, and when it does come up we usually agree to disagree. Most conservative people I've met have just been people - not ogres, not monsters - just people, with the usual assortment of flaws. People criticize Right-wingers for being intolerant, and yes it is true that conservative ideologies are often intolerant of those who "deviate" from the "norm" (the norm being whatever they do, exclusively). But having hung out with Marxists and Socialists and even an Anarchist or two, I can tell you that they can be just as intolerant. Yes, it is terrible when the Right dehumanize and call the poor "scum", but I've spoken to some far-left wing types who think that Bankers and their whole families should be executed, that anyone with a BMW should feel the "wrath" of the proletariat and that anyone who is religious is "scum" themselves. Either side can be very nasty, either side can also be very pleasant.

I have both right wing and left wing friends. I don't have far-left or far-right friends. I don't necessarily mind what political ideology you follow, as long as it isn't extreme.

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To the Thread Starter:

You don't feel threatened by Anita. I don't feel threatened by Anita. The reason why is probably because we see that there are problems with society as it is currently structured.

I myself am a Middle-Class, conventional, straight, half-white male, who speaks English has a first language, who has an English name and who could probably pass for being white provided you don't look too closely. Society has treated me well - very well, in fact. I've never had to deal with racism to any great extent, I've never had to deal with discrimination based on my sexual orientation, cultural background, language, style of dress or, well, much of anything at all.

Yet I see that there are things wrong with society. I see people who are different to me being treated quite poorly, and I don't buy that this is the best society we have nor that things are the way they should be. So when Anita speaks out about things she finds problematic with games or society at large, I'm receptive to her and I respect her right to say things, because I think some things need to be said. I think that society, as beneficial as it has been to me personally, isn't as good as it could be, and I am not afraid of change - even if that change would result in me losing some privileges (not rights, privileges).

I don't believe Anita is out to "get" me. However, if you are a person who wholeheartedly buys into the 1950s era-stereotypes about gender roles, and adamantly pushes for the dominance of Men over Women, then Anita is attacking you. The Hate against Anita is quite "logical" in that she is directly pushing against certain ideologies and people who hold them.

Frankly, while the level and wide-spread nature of the hate against Anita is disappointing, I always expected some level of it, and so did she. Hate is natural whenever someone says something uncomfortable, when someone speaks out and pushes against firmly entrenched opinions. The fact that Anita gets so much hate is proof that she is being effective - she is ruffling feathers, and that's the job of progressives. Do I agree with everything Anita says? No. Do I need to, in order to respect her? No. There is not a single human being on this planet who I agree with 100% of the time.

I'm not going to bother asking for everyone to respect Anita, because that's a lost cause. She is going to get hate, because that is the nature of her work, her very valuable work. It is sad that it is so widespread and I don't think anyone "deserves" to be hated in this way, and if we lived in a better universe, we wouldn't see this sort of thing. But we don't live in a perfect universe, and when you challenge the basic assumptions of many people, they aren't going to thank you for that. They are going to be nasty and horrible - but that's how you know you're impacting them. And hopefully, after enough time, some of them will realize that the hatred they feel against someone for merely speaking up is a toxic mess that they need to abandon.

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Phil Fish is a talented game designer who is also blunt and insensitive at times, just like everyone else on the planet. He has his failings - who doesn't? Who hasn't said something insensitive? Who hasn't been blunt? There is this expectation that because he is famous, he should "act" a different way, be held to a higher standard than the rest of us. Why? Why should they be held to a higher standard? For that matter, why are the rest of us non-famous people afforded the privilege of acting at a "lower" standard? By all means, call Fish out when he acts like a jerk, but call EVERYONE out when they act like a jerk. A non-famous person doesn't have the "right" to be an asshole too, you know.

Fish is blunt and has overreacted in some instances, but a lot of the hate that is generated against Fish is due to the fact that he actually spoke to people the way some people spoke to him. He told off people who were rude, and that SHOCKED, SHOCKED the people on Twitter who were rude to him. "That Asshole!" they cried, "Just because I called him an Asshole, he has the NERVE to call ME an Asshole!?"

Fish isn't blameless in this. For someone has supposedly intelligent as he is, he seemingly has no idea that his blunt statements can be considered offensive. His "They Suck" remark about Japanese games, while far from actual racism, is a pretty crude, thoughtless statement. He should have thought about his responses more clearly. And he is too sensitive. Many other game developers manage to deal with hate, and deal with it in such a way that more is not generated. Fish is part of the vicious cycle of hating Fish. His detractors on Twitter aren't going to break that cycle - he has to. And with quitting development, maybe he has.

I will just like to say that whatever you think of Fish, Fez was a remarkable game in many ways and I was looking forward to Fez II. However, I don't think Fish is going to stop making games forever. 2 or 3 years, maybe, but I think he'll come back. Eventually.

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You know, when I was, what, 9 years old, I bought into the entire system war nonsense and stupidity. SEGA for LIFE! NINTENDO SUCKS!

Then my parents brought me a N64.

Ever since that day, I've realized what all console bullshit is about:

"I can't afford X, therefore X is shit".

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This is bizarre. Literally every single person I've talked to who knows this guy absolutely detests him.

That just reinforces the idea that I'm talking to the right people and avoiding the wrong ones.