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Phil Fish is a talented game designer who is also blunt and insensitive at times, just like everyone else on the planet. He has his failings - who doesn't? Who hasn't said something insensitive? Who hasn't been blunt? There is this expectation that because he is famous, he should "act" a different way, be held to a higher standard than the rest of us. Why? Why should they be held to a higher standard? For that matter, why are the rest of us non-famous people afforded the privilege of acting at a "lower" standard? By all means, call Fish out when he acts like a jerk, but call EVERYONE out when they act like a jerk. A non-famous person doesn't have the "right" to be an asshole too, you know.

Fish is blunt and has overreacted in some instances, but a lot of the hate that is generated against Fish is due to the fact that he actually spoke to people the way some people spoke to him. He told off people who were rude, and that SHOCKED, SHOCKED the people on Twitter who were rude to him. "That Asshole!" they cried, "Just because I called him an Asshole, he has the NERVE to call ME an Asshole!?"

Fish isn't blameless in this. For someone has supposedly intelligent as he is, he seemingly has no idea that his blunt statements can be considered offensive. His "They Suck" remark about Japanese games, while far from actual racism, is a pretty crude, thoughtless statement. He should have thought about his responses more clearly. And he is too sensitive. Many other game developers manage to deal with hate, and deal with it in such a way that more is not generated. Fish is part of the vicious cycle of hating Fish. His detractors on Twitter aren't going to break that cycle - he has to. And with quitting development, maybe he has.

I will just like to say that whatever you think of Fish, Fez was a remarkable game in many ways and I was looking forward to Fez II. However, I don't think Fish is going to stop making games forever. 2 or 3 years, maybe, but I think he'll come back. Eventually.

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You know, when I was, what, 9 years old, I bought into the entire system war nonsense and stupidity. SEGA for LIFE! NINTENDO SUCKS!

Then my parents brought me a N64.

Ever since that day, I've realized what all console bullshit is about:

"I can't afford X, therefore X is shit".

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This is bizarre. Literally every single person I've talked to who knows this guy absolutely detests him.

That just reinforces the idea that I'm talking to the right people and avoiding the wrong ones.

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Is a white one really going to make a difference? With every console I've ever owned, I stopped caring about how it looked after about a week. It's a machine that plays video games, I couldn't care less what colour it was and you shouldn't either. Will it being white make you play games betterr? No. If you want to return it and get the money back sure, but your wife might feel hurt. She probably thought you'd really like it and was willing to spend that much to make you happy. I get crappy gifts for Christmas and Birthdays all the time - stuff I don't want, but stuff that's also super expensive. My mother got a ludicrously overpriced leather briefcase for me once - I had no need for it, it cost almost 600 dollars and it was too heavy and bulky for me to take to the hospital every day. I still kept it, because she thought I'd like it and I didn't want her to feel bad (although I later tactfully and gently suggested that in the future she should actually consult with me as to what I needed rather than just assume I had a need for big, overpriced leather briefcases).

Keep your PS4. There are other games you might play on it. A white one is not gonna play your games any better and I guarantee you that in a week or two you won't even notice the colour, because the colour simply doesn't matter. It's not like you're gonna take your PS4 out in public and hold it aloft for all to see. My PS4 could be bright freaking hot pink for all I care, but I'd gladly take it if it was free.

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They're old and they are cynical, which is wise since we've seen a lot of "great" stuff at E3 in past years that, well, didn't turn out so great. Given how long they've been in this business, I'm surprised they don't just give up on games altogether. I'm younger than them, by quite a bit, but even I am just getting.... tired of video games. I'm not playing them as much as I used to and I'm caring about them less and less as the years march on. This is across all platforms and all genres. I'm just.... getting tired. And I wouldn't be surprised if they were as well.

Jeff's been this way since.... what, 2012? There's been a noticeable decline in his enthusiasm for most games. That's not to say that he hates games, but it takes a LOT more to get him interested these days.

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City Management Sim. Brisbane is a very nice place to live, but it lacks an "identity" and cultural importance. It's simply just a big, modern city that is well run. So it's ideal for a management type game in which you are tasked as the mayor of turning Brisbane into a world-class tourism city.

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We..... can't do anything. NATO can do something. Ukraine can do something. The US president, the Chinese premier, the EU heads of state - they can all do something.... but we can't.

Anyway, there's really not much the world can do if Russia REALLY wants Ukraine. Ukraine is not part of NATO. Make no mistake, the US will go to war if NATO territory is invaded - it HAS to. If Russia invaded, for example, Poland, then we're at WWIII right there. But Ukraine is not part of NATO, never has been part of NATO and the treaties between the US and Ukraine leave a lot of wiggle room for the US and NATO forces to avoid a conflict, and make no mistake, the US is not prepared to go to war over Ukraine and Russia knows that. The US is willing to push harder sanctions, but they are not going to fight Russia for Ukraine. As sad as a Russia take-over would be, WWIII would be about 1,000,000,000,000,000 times worse and everyone knows it. I'm sorry, but I'm not risking a potential Fallout-situation over Ukraine. If Russia invades the rest of Ukraine, my hope is that we do NOT send military units to Ukraine. Sorry - I'm not willing to see the world blown apart for one country that we are not even strongly obligated to defend. It's harsh, but I gotta go on living, and I don't want to be eating rad-roach meat in the burned out ruins of civilization.

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Best of luck to ye, ya crazy bastards! Conquer New York!

Still... I hope you still appear on the Bombcast Vinne. Really, I do.

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The problem with Kinect is that it's just too far ahead of its time. The concept is great and what they have managed to achieve with it is impressive... it just isn't a good way of controlling games. It's too early for it to be used for that. Kinect, honestly, needs about another 5 or even 10 years for it to do what we were promised it could do.

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It just needs an exclusive game I'm interested in. I have a great PC and a PS4 (which was a gift). I wouldn't have got the PS4 either, right now, but a gift is a gift and I intended to get one eventually. The honest truth of the matter is that neither platform had any game I was terribly interested in right now that I couldn't get for the PC, and if I can get it for the PC I'm gonna get it for the PC.

I am glad that I have a PS4, since I am interested in the games that are coming to it - games like the next Uncharted game, for example. I don't know yet of any Xbox One exclusives that I am interested in - I'm not a fan of the Halo franchise, I don't like Forza either.... if they announced a new Gears game, I'd probably pick up an Xbox One.

A price cut would help, sure, but it's the lack of interesting exclusives that prevent me from buying it. If I got one... I couldn't think of anything I'd actually like to play on it, right now.