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Just got it yesterday - I have an AMD card R9 280 and it runs fine, with almost everything on Ultra - it occasionally slows down when you're on a vehicle, but I haven't had any issues so far.

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They did a better job than literally all the writers on Destiny.

For a game that had the pretentious to be equal to Lord of the Rings and Star Wars (which is what the developers explicitly stated), they really dropped the ball.

Hey Bungie - hire them. They could write a better story in a weekend then you could in years.

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Quite a bit of it was already on the disc when the game came out - not all of it, though, as proven by the fact that although some players managed to glitch their way into the DLC areas, they weren't finished. It must be said, however, that some of "The Dark Below" was already present. Also, due to the fact that the "dark below" uses.... quite a bit of environment and enemy types from the main game (to put it mildly), the data in that latest patch was probably more than adequate.

I am very disappointed with "The Dark Below" - three story missions, two of which were piss-easy and very short, and only one which was of decent length and interest. Two new strikes (or only one if you have an Xbox), only one of which was decent (the new Vex strike is very, very short).

Sure, there's a new raid.... but quite a few people will never even see it, and if it's anything like the first raid, people will eventually get it down to a hour's run once the tricks are figured out.

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A new franchise being exclusive doesn't trouble me so much. It's part of the game, a necessary evil for justifying the existence of multiple consoles (and multiple consoles are a good thing, as you want competition). But a franchise that had many fans on multiple systems becoming exclusive? That does trouble me - and I own a PS4 (I also have no interest in fighting games whatsoever). The anger felt by Xbox fans makes sense - they were fans, loyal customers who wanted to experience the next game and some will not be able to. Consoles are pretty pricey. I'm moderately well off so I can easily afford both (and I have every intention of buying an Xbox One in the near future), but many can't or just don't want to.

Is it a form of entitlement? Well, sure, you can look at it that way - hell, video games are a luxury item, so if you were so inclined, you could look at any demand for any video game as a form of entitlement (and you may not be wrong viewing it that way, I mean, it's not as if Video Games are the same thing as clean running water). But if video game companies are entitled to suddenly make games exclusive (and they are entitled to do that), fans who are going to be left out in the cold are also entitled to feel annoyed at that.

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Apart from fixing the godawful PC tactical-view controls, I would like an option to increase the size of the cursor. It's too small, and the colour means that I easily lose track of it. I haven't run into too many bugs myself - I do hope that they learn to freeze your companion characters and move them off screen when you have a conversation. There's nothing more immersion breaking than having an indepth discussion with an NPC about mages and the Tevinter empire, and seeing varric constantly bumping into a barrel over and over and over and over again, or seeing Solas jerikly trying to walk over a table, or seeing Cassandra turning round and round and round on the spot. Immersion breaking, guys. Immersion breaking.

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Take the time you need - get it done right. Don't pull a Ubisoft.

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Edgar Wright!? Suddenly I'm interested in Star Trek.

As for Roberto Orci, he sounds like a loon but he's not uncommon. About, what, 10~15% of the US population think the government was involved in the 9-11 attacks? Which is pretty standard - about 10~15% of any population believes in outlandish conspiracy theories. There's some Australians who think that our Government was behind the Port Arthur Massacre as an excuse to "take away the guns". The US has a sizeable amount of crack-pots who think that school shootings are "government orchestrated". Quite a few people believe the moon landings were faked as well. Conspiracy theories are popular because they make the believer feel as if they are smarter than the "sheeple" around them. Most conspiracy theorist believers are poor, downtrodden and powerless. Believing you have "insight" into the secret machinations of power allows one to feel grand and important and oh-so-very-clever. Hence, the attraction of said theories. Also, conspiracy theories are often cooler and more exciting than the relatively humdrum truth.

To quote SMBC: a Conspiracy theorist is someone who "believes anything that sounds cool enough".

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As someone witha PS4, But also as someone who has no interest in fighting games, I'm not affected by this. I think, however, this is not a good idea. Even if temporary, less fans = less relevance. I can't imagine the money Sony is paying could possibly make up for its exclusivity, unless Capcom was that desperate for an immediate cash infusion or they really think the xbox one won't sell in the future, which is a bad bet.

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Well good. This is a good step.

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Well, it sort of looks a bit like TF2. I do like robots, so those two robot characters look somewhat interesting (although why a machine would feel the need to practice eastern mysticism is beyond me). I do not like the art-style all that much. TF2 had a very clean, very focused aesthetic - 1950s-ish industrial/rural america for the most part (even though later it gravitated away from that). This looks like a mess of "future/ancient/supernatural" themes, which I don't enjoy. the character designs also look a bit... off.