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Edgar Wright!? Suddenly I'm interested in Star Trek.

As for Roberto Orci, he sounds like a loon but he's not uncommon. About, what, 10~15% of the US population think the government was involved in the 9-11 attacks? Which is pretty standard - about 10~15% of any population believes in outlandish conspiracy theories. There's some Australians who think that our Government was behind the Port Arthur Massacre as an excuse to "take away the guns". The US has a sizeable amount of crack-pots who think that school shootings are "government orchestrated". Quite a few people believe the moon landings were faked as well. Conspiracy theories are popular because they make the believer feel as if they are smarter than the "sheeple" around them. Most conspiracy theorist believers are poor, downtrodden and powerless. Believing you have "insight" into the secret machinations of power allows one to feel grand and important and oh-so-very-clever. Hence, the attraction of said theories. Also, conspiracy theories are often cooler and more exciting than the relatively humdrum truth.

To quote SMBC: a Conspiracy theorist is someone who "believes anything that sounds cool enough".

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As someone witha PS4, But also as someone who has no interest in fighting games, I'm not affected by this. I think, however, this is not a good idea. Even if temporary, less fans = less relevance. I can't imagine the money Sony is paying could possibly make up for its exclusivity, unless Capcom was that desperate for an immediate cash infusion or they really think the xbox one won't sell in the future, which is a bad bet.

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Well good. This is a good step.

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Well, it sort of looks a bit like TF2. I do like robots, so those two robot characters look somewhat interesting (although why a machine would feel the need to practice eastern mysticism is beyond me). I do not like the art-style all that much. TF2 had a very clean, very focused aesthetic - 1950s-ish industrial/rural america for the most part (even though later it gravitated away from that). This looks like a mess of "future/ancient/supernatural" themes, which I don't enjoy. the character designs also look a bit... off.

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Halo 4's storyline wasn't exactly the best. It depended far too much on the player being familiar with the backstory of the Halo Universe, and as someone who likes the Halo games but wouldn't describe myself as a "superfan", the story felt borderline incomprehensible at times. Mass Effect was great in that it had a huge backstory, but you didn't NEED to read it to understand the basic plot points.

I hope to whatever deity is out there that he is not the lead writer.

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Portal 2

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Not really. I work in a hospital, so if a case turned up, there is a small chance I could be exposed to it.... but it's unlikely. And even if you get exposed to a patient with Ebola, you should be safe if you follow the safety rules in the Hospital and avoid contact with bodily secretions. Africa should be worried... but not people like me who live in Australia.

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I tend not to watch the Quicklook Ex videos (with the exception of those starring the delightful Brad Muir) - often because the developers come across as super uncomfortable or robotic, and that's not fun.

I don't listen to the F1 podcast... because I don't care about racing at all.

I watch/listen to the rest, mostly.

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THE DEATH OF AMERICA!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

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Take the time you need Jeff. Sorry to hear about it.