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I don't know if "Drone warfare" could be called questionable - it's just a different form of "Killing-at-a-distance". Armies of all nations have used Artillery near cities for over a CENTURY. That too, can fall and kill civilians in fire zones. Just because the artillery officer doesn't "see" where the shell lands doesn't make it any better or worse than a drone operator. Arguably, drones are better than what people have done before - bombing from the air, using artillery cannons, using blind rockets - all those things kill in just the same way and pose just the same risks to the people they are targeting.

You might be able to make a claim that TARGETING enemies in civilian areas is unethical. You could argue that the war in the Waziristan region of Pakistan is immoral (I don't think it is, but you can make that argument logically). But the idea that drone warfare is somehow "worse" than bombing using jet fighters or ground attack craft or good ol' fashioned artillery bombardment, is absurd. Getting hit by an artillery shell and getting hit by a predator drone hellfire missile messes you up in the same way (i.e explosive trauma and burns).

If you don't like the war in Afghanistan and you think the civilian casualties are unacceptable, then fine, you can make that argument and I'll respect your argument even if I somewhat disagree with it. But to portray drone warfare as some sort of super-evil thing that is totally the worst thing ever is just stupid. It's another form of "Killing-at-a-distance" - which began with the Cannon, then the Musket, then the Rifle, then the long-ranged-rifle, then the artillery shell, then the tank shell, then the bomber, then the laser-guided bomber, and now to the Drone.

Is killing with drones really worse than killing with, say, an A-10 warthog or an F-18 jet fighter dropping a bomb on a house? I don't think so. They're equally bad, but drones aren't "worse".

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If it's not child porn, snuff films or real rapes, then you should not out him. It is his business, not yours.

As for the "escort" agency usage - it depends. It really does. Does he use safe sex when visiting these escorts? Is he visiting them? The only thing that you should be concerned about is STDs - he could pass them on to your grandmother, provided they still have sex (and his visits to the escorts might indicate that they no longer have sex with each other. As women get older, Libido goes doooooooown fast. In men it also decreases but not by nearly as much). As long as he uses safe sex with the ladies of the night, then it's not your concern - it's his concern and your grandmothers concern. Don't get involved.

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It's not the W.H.O that's keeping the samples - it's specifically the USA and the Russian Federation (although North Korea might also have some samples, we just don't know).

As for it being a big chance - not really. We have the know-how to assemble the vaccine. Smallpox is also a disease that does not tend to mutate or develop into new strains. Which is why one vaccine was so useful against it. If it gets out, then we could contain it.

The US maintains smallpox specifically because (or so they say) the Russians still have Smallpox. Unlike the Rest of the World, Russia never got the memo that "BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS ARE EXTREMELY DANGEROUS - EVEN TO YOUR OWN SIDE!!!!" The Russians persisted all throughout the 80s in developing newer and deadlier biological weapons due to the madness of the leadership. Their own scientists even said how insane their biological weapons program was, how dangerous or deadly it would be to the USSR itself if ever used - but the leadership, not being scientists, didn't listen.

So the US has smallpox because it claims that if the Russians ever developed a new variant, they'd need their own stocks to experiment with and develop a vaccine.

I will just say this - Biological Weapons are useless these days. In this era of international travel and transportation, Biological weapons, especially highly infective weapons, pose just as much danger to the user than to the target. The minute you use a dangerous strain on the enemy - well, you've just given them a copy of your weapon, for them to use against you.

What's that? You've made a vaccine against it? By the time you deploy that vaccine and vaccinate all your troops and your population, the enemy's intelligence service will automatically know. Both the US and the Russians have spies in each other's hospitals and health departments specifically to monitor what the other side is doing in terms of vaccination, so as to prepare against biological attacks.

So either your biological weapon will be useless, since the enemy will see your preparations to use it coming a mile off, or they will be extremely, extremely, extremely dangerous for you to use. There's a reason why the US signed the convention to ban Biological and Chemical Weapons - no, it wasn't out of the goodness of their hearts, it was because some bright officers at the Pentagon did an analysis and realized that Bio and Chem agents were 1) Too dangerous to use and 2) If you want to wipe out a population then just use nukes.

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That was actually interesting to read. I have the console versions of Demon's Souls and Dark Souls, so I'll stick with them, but once again, it demonstrates the power of PC modding.

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My bet is that they mistook Nitrogen for Dry Ice - idiot bar tender probably thought "DURRR! COLD THING IS COLD THING! DURRRR! I SERVE IN DRINK! DURRR!" A lot of bartenders use dry ice to give that smokey effect, and dry ice is relatively harmless (still wouldn't want to put your hand right on it).

She can live without a stomach - she just needs to mash up all the food, eat in small chunks so as not to form a large bolus, and perhaps pre-acidify her food because your small intestines depend on acidity to absorb nutrients (particularly iron - you can't absorb iron if the chyme (what the food becomes) is not acidic). She will also have to taken intrinsic factor (which is usually secreted by the stomach and necessary for Vit. B12 absorption) for the rest of her life. Not a pleasant existence. But she'll live. Live to sue that stupid bartender into oblivion, because goddamn whoever that bartender is, deserves to have all his/her money taken away due to horrific incompetence.

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Happy Madison? Now where have I heard that name before....

Oh no.


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Demand is very, very, very high, and the oil companies have no real reason to reduce the price. Both play a role. With the increased development of China and India, more oil than ever before is being used. We are using up deposits faster than we are finding them. Also, the oil companies are making a pretty penny off the huge demand, so they have no incentive to increase supply. But even if the oil companies were nationalized and supply maximized, the fact of the matter is that we have less oil going around because more and people are using it. Supply and demand, folks, supply and demand.

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Obama lost - in terms of style and rhetoric, which are what these things are all about. I think he got cocky, overconfident with what the polls were saying. He didn't realize how badly Romney needed to win this, how energetic Romney would be. He was lax in preparing for this debate.

Having said that, most people polled after the debate said that it wouldn't sway their vote. Obama will probably be much more aggressive in the second and third debates.

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It's not really racist - the PRC really doesn't care about anything other than itself. In fact, talking to my Chinese Relatives, they seem totally unconcerned about anything that doesn't affect China. "Oh," they say, "there's a civil war in the Congo? Well what do you expect? I don't care what they do to each other". Afghanistan? They don't care either - they say just let the Taliban and Americans kill each other - doesn't affect China, at least not immediately. Human Rights abuses in North Korea or Syria? None of their business, they say.

I like Chinese people. I'm half of one. But to be brutally honest, mainland Chinese people.... simply don't care about anything that doesn't affect them. What happens halfway around the world, to them, happens halfway around the world, and to them it's just none of their business. They simply don't care what other nations do to each other or to their own people, so long as it doesn't negatively affect China or might negatively affect China or China's main concern: Making Money. To be rich is to be glorious, after all. China, for all its communist and socialist trappings, is run like a business, by people who have business and engineering and chemistry degrees. All they care about is: 1) Security, 2) Stability, 3) Money. That's all they care about. Anything else? Of secondary or tertiary importance, or not important at all.

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Political Double Standards:

Political A is caught doing something wrong. Supporters of Politician A: "Oh well, you know, that's just how the game is played! He wouldn't do it if the other guys weren't! He's not a bad guy, everyone makes mistakes, we're all human, right? Look at all the good things he's done, you can't expect someone to be perfect!"