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1. Uncharted: Golden Abyss

Eh... I got it because it was one of the few games I was interested in for the Vita. I can't say it's all that great, to be honest. It's decent for a handheld, but it naturally draws comparisons to Uncharted 2 and 3, and compared to those games it feels kind of like a slightly better Uncharted 1. Not bad for a handheld game, but be warned - it ain't no PS3 uncharted.

2. Lumines: Electronic Symphony

It's Lumines. It's alright. Again, got it because, what else was there for the Vita?

3. Touch My Katamari

Pretty funny for a while, but it does get boring. Still, not bad for a downloadable title.

4. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

A singleplayer MMO experience. It's got content, it's got decent mechanics but it is utterly, utterly, UTTERLY soulless. I cared about NONE of the characters, world or plot. I'll concede that it is a very interesting world that they've crafted, but after 10 hours of playing, I was just on autopilot for the rest of the game. It's not bad - but it really does feel like a single-player MMO.

5. Mass Effect 3

While not as good as ME2, it was stunningly brilliant for 85% of its length. But the last 30 minutes really did hurt it. I'm not one of those "change the ending" types, but the ending, in my opinion, really did suck. Still, everything BEFORE the ending was pretty damn awesome, and I haven't forgotten that. And the multiplayer still has me playing it, so it must have done something right

6. Unit 13

Kind of boring, to be honest. Uncharted is a better shooter. The AI in the game is messed up as well.

7. Fez

Great game, but only if you don't mind difficult puzzles and backtracking. This is a game that requires patience, and a lot of time. Don't play it if you don't have either of those two.

8. Journey

I don't want to spoil it. Absolutely beautiful. Stunning. Marvelous. Worth the price. And I will buy anything the creators of this game put out in the future.

9. Prototype 2

It's Prototype 1 with a black guy as the hero. While he is more interesting than Mercer, the game is.... well.... I mean, it's Prototype 1 with a black guy as the hero instead of a white guy. That is all you need to know about this game. Did you really like Prototype 1? This game is like that almost exactly.

10. Diablo III

Addictive. Fun. But I doubt I'll play it past 2012.

11. Max Payne 3

Great singleplayer experience, but the multiplayer is only decent. Really enjoyed Max's journey. Not quite sure if it was worth the price I paid, but it runs really well on the PC, which is a pleasant surprise. Fans of MP1 and MP2 won't really like this game, but I never liked the original Max Payne games, so I enjoyed this one immensely. The mechanics are as solid as a rock for the most part.

12. Sid Meier's Civilization V: Gods & Kings

A nifty expansion - worth the price considering how much stuff they added to it. Still won't please the die-hard Civ IV fans, but for those who like Civ 5, this expansion is worth getting. Spies, Religion, reworked tech-tree, combat mechanics, naval mechanics, new civs, new units, new resources.... it's worth the price, if you like Civ. And if you don't, well, don't buy it!

13. Trine 2

Got this for cheap on the Steam Sale..... it's alright. I'm not a fan of platformers, however, regardless of how good they are. It controls well, looks great for a relatively small game and it's probably worth the price I paid for it.

14. Super Monday Night Combat

Great game, but not easy to get into. It's also free to play, so there's that. Unlike a lot of F2P games, this isn't "pay-to-win". The starting classes are perfectly useful and they rotate classes. The paid stuff is mostly cosmetic, and it's ludicrously overpriced, so don't bother, unless you really care what your digital dude looks like in his digital world.

15. DEFCON: Everybody Dies

Aptly named game. Even though it came out in 2006, it still works, mostly because I haven't seen anything like it. While there is a certain amount of strategy involved, this is no Starcraft II. It mostly serves as a grim yet fascinating view of how a global nuclear war would look from the view point of a command centre. Surprisingly emotional, when you stop to think about what the flickering lights and dots actually represent.

16. Saints Row: The Third

Better than GTAIV, that's for sure. Game of the year for 2011? No - Skyrim was better. A lot of the humour of Saint's Row just... falls completely flat for me. Its attempts at satire are extremely clumsy. But the gameplay is better than GTAIV's, the game runs smooth as hell on the PC and there's quite a bit of content. It is undeniably misogynistic in parts, and that's not good.

17. Super Monkey Ball 3D

This game came with my 3DS. I suppose if you like this sort of game, it's fine. I, however, do not. The controls also seem fiddly. If you try to use the motion sensor to control the ball, you have to turn the 3D off, and the control stick isn't good enough to control the ball with the amount of accuracy I like. It's alright, but I certainly won't be beating this game anytime soon (EDIT: I did in fact beat it. Because I was bored as hell)

18. Super Mario 3D Land

Pretty fun. The levels are just the right length and they can get somewhat challenging towards the end of the game. I have issue with some of the movements that Mario can make and I dislike how Mario can go "off-screen" when jumping, but overall it's good. The 3D stuff really is just a gimmick, though.

19. Borderlands 2

A highly addictive game, really liked the humour and it is one of my favorite games of the year. Very well done, Gearbox, very well done.

20. Dead Island

Did not enjoy this. But it cost only 8 dollars, so it doesn't matter.

21. XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Absolutely fantastic. Never played the original. Was glad that I brought this.

22. Torchlight II

Decent. I still think Diablo III has better mechanics and gameplay, but TL2 is decent enough. Cheap, too.

23. Hotline Miami

Weird, Brutal, Tension-filled and exciting. Not quite sure what the plot tried to convey, but the gameplay is pretty good. Not one, however, to play when one's parents are around. Quite good, really.

24. Call of Duty: Black Ops II

Got this because someone else got it for me as a gift. I was surprised at how much effort Treyarch put into this game. They really, really tried to make a more compelling single player campaign. It doesn't entirely work, but the effort is appreciated, and if they continue down this same path, CoD has a bright future ahead of it. The Multiplayer is a LOT better than MW3s - which was almost broken in my opinion. Overall, a solid effort, but if you don't like CoD (and that's fine), this game probably won't change your opinion of CoD

25. Halo 4

Got this for the co-op. Not as good as Halo 3. Not as bad as I thought it would be, but it feels a bit.... lacking. The story made next to no sense to me, since I only played Halo 1 and 3 and never bothered with any of the expanded universe nonsense. In terms of gameplay, it's fine. Challenging only if you turn it up to Heroic though. 343 made some noise about adjusting the difficulty so that Normal was really Normal, but no - Normal for Halo games is the Easy Mode in Halo 4. It's alright. Ends anticlimatically. Doesn't last all that long, if you play it on normal. Does little new, but gets the basics down pat. It's a Halo game. Just not as good as Halo 3.

26. Far Cry 3

It is everything I liked about Far Cry 2 minus everything I hated about Far Cry 2. It is a very good game, and I am very glad that I played it. The story might be slightly-racist, white-man-saving-the-savages empowerment fantasy dreck, but I appreciate that they tried, and the writing is fairly good too. But the important thing is that it plays very, very well.

27. Pushmo

Known as Pullblox in Aussieland, this game gets very hard very fast. Entertaining, with good controls and a ton of content for only 9 dollars, this game is worth it.

28. Crashmo

Again, different name here in Aussieland - Fallblox, which is much crappier than Crashmo. This game is even harder than Pushmo. Puzzle fanatics only.

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Will Jeff even be alive in 30 years? Will I be alive in 30 years? Will we still even watch videos on computer screens, or will we plug into the "mainframe" and directly experience all these old games ourselves, real-time? Will we watch Jeff, or will he be a Hologram beamed into our homes? This future stuff, man, you can't tell where anything will be in 30 years.

In 30 years, WILL THERE STILL BE VIDEOGAMES?! Or will we have devolved into a mad-max style post-apocalyptic wasteland where Jeff and Brad have eaten Vinny and Drew, thus depriving us of video making skills, forcing jeff to fabricate two sock puppets which he pretends is his audience and he talks to them about video games as he wanders the ruins of San Francisco?

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Probably Prometheus, despite the glaring plot holes. Other than that.... maybe Looper? Looper was pretty good (except towards the end where it got pretty stupid)

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I am, to some extent. Not nearly as much as I used to be, though. I bought a 3DS, and I am interested in what Nintendo puts out, but to be honest, I can't see myself buying a WiiU at all and the Wii I got was barely used. A new Zelda or Mario game just isn't enough for me anymore. To younger audiences, I'm sure those new Zelda and Mario games are great, but they aren't for me - I've played too many that were very similar to each other.

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My university's skeptic society is holding a joke party. I'll probably go to that. It'll be fun. But most of my time will be spent trying to find 2012 believers on the internet and joyfully revel in their shattered delusions.

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The real reason why there is no more NDX is that the train has become that weird hover train from the end of Back to the Future Part 3 and Jeff's talking about Nintendo downloads to the Mayans thousands of years ago. The train's gotta keep on chugging, even in time periods where there were no trains. How else, do you think, people got the idea for trains? Jeff Gerstmann. Time Traveller.

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Great for RAGE fans. Can't say I ever played the game, nor will I ever by the DLC, but I'm happy for fans of the game.

So maybe they're going ahead with a sequel to RAGE? From what reviews I read, the game ends on a bummer of a cliff-hanger, so if they release a sequel (and it turns out to be good) I might pick up RAGE one day.

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Ugh. You know why school shootings and mall shootings are rising in frequency? It's the media. You see, evil, deranged people don't think like normal people do. These people CRAVE notoriety. They WANT their face to the plastered on the TVs of every living room in the world. They WANT news anchors and pundits to talk about their crimes. They want to go down in history as someone who did these terrible things. These shooters, they look at the media coverage of previous school shootings, they look at the crying faces, the sensationalist headlines, the 24/7 media coverage, and they honestly think "That's what I want. That's how I want to go". If their goal was just to kill, there are other ways of doing it. But their goal is not just to kill - it's to make themselves feel famous and notorious and powerful and to get people's attention.

As long as the Media reports on School shootings as they do - which is almost as if they are glamorizing them - more will take place. You know what the best thing to do is? Don't ever mention the killer's name. Never show his face. Don't talk about him at all. Don't have pundits and TV talking heads agonizing over him and his actions (and it always a him - men are the only gender who do this sort of thing). Don't send a signal to other warped, twisted, evil people that "If you do this, this is the reaction you'll get", because that is PRECISELY the reaction they want.

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My hand writing looks fancy and nice. It is, however, virtually illegible to anyone else. I am the only person of my age that I know who writes like this:

This handwriting is the result of 15 years of being forced to write with a fountain pen. On one hand, it looks fancy and impresses people. On the other hand, virtually no one can bloody read it, which makes it useless and potentially dangerous if anyone needs to read something I've written.