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Smile and talk to her. That is, scientifically, the approach that is most likely to work. It might not, though.

The alternative is to secretly stalk her to find out more about her and approach her "randomly" somewhere else. This approach is, however, very, very creepy. And not recommended. And probably illegal.

So just dress nice (but not too nice), smile, and try to strike up a conversation with her. You'll probably fail, but this is the best non-creepy non-illegal way to introduce yourself to her.

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Tokyo Jungle seems to be the far more interesting choice. Everything about "Hell Yeah!" actively deters me from the game.

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I like both games, but I haven't played D3 for a while now. I am not really enjoying TL2 that much - I really despise the feeling of moving your character and the switching between targeting and moving is really bad. It's not a bad game, but TL2 is not as polished - nor was it ever going to be, given that it was made by a much smaller developer with a much smaller budget.

I think I'll stop playing both for a good few months.

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@EXTomar said:

Ultimately, a review score is someone's opinion which doesn't mean anything if you will like or dislike something. If RE6 turns out to be a fun game then it is difference of opinion where you should praise Capcom. If RE6 is dubious then it is not your fault where you should take it out on Capcom. You don't need to like or dislike what "everyone" likes or dislikes.


Are you some kind of communist!?!

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By the time this game comes out, will they even remember the folks who funded the kickstarter? Hell, will those who put money into the kickstarter even remember that this project even existed?

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Maliwan, then Jacobs, then Vladof. Those three manufacturers are pretty much all I use. Dahl and Torgue aren't bad. I don't like Hyperion.

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Depends on what you want. Both are good games. I've played both. I continue to play both.

If you are looking for a more classic approach and a more light-hearted game, Torchlight II is pretty good.

If you are looking for a very polished experience that will test your abilities and if the feel of how your character moves and performs actions is important, D3 should be your choice.

Torchlight has more customization. D3 has better skills. Torchlight allows the player to mod. D3 does not. Torchlight II is harder than Torchlight 1, but it is still far easier than D3. Both have terrible stories, but D3's story is slightly better than Torchlight's - which may as well not even exist.

Again, both are good. If it's a question of only affording one, I get the impression that you don't like to spend much on games - so get Torchlight because it's cheaper. It's a fun game. On the whole, I prefer D3 slightly more, because the character movement, systems, enemy types and skills are more to my liking. Torchlight II's character movement is actually a pretty big problem for me - your character moves in a clunky fashion and terrain interrupts attacks a lot more than in D3. But again, I'll stress this point, both are fun to play.

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I'm sure there are groups that think of themselves as the Illuminati, but my experience shows that while there are very powerful government and corporate groups in this world, no one controls everything or even half of everything. I don't think there is a huge group that runs everything in the world - although I know there are groups that try to run everything in the world.

The modern day Illuminati are inventions by paranoiacs. They don't exist. Conspiracy theorists twist every single news article, news fact, report or suspicion into some sort of grand plan by some sort of hidden group. First they said that the crop spraying was to "lower" the population. Well, it continues to grow. Now they say that it's to increase the population - you see how they'll twist any fact to fit in with their preconceived notion of the Illuminati's existence?

Conspiracy theorists twist facts to fit their theories, instead of twisting theories to fit facts. Once they believe that the Illuminati exist, nothing will convince them that they don't. Any evidence against their beliefs is incorporated as "part of the conspiracy". "Oh ho!" they say, "that's just what THEY want you to think!". It's like with young earth creationists - anytime you show them any evidence of evolution they simply reply "The Devil put that there to fool you". You can't convince people who have made up their minds regardless of evidence. Conspiracy theorists WANT there to be a conspiracy. They'd actually be sad if there was no illuminati, because it would remove an aspect of mystery and intrigue in their lives. They get a special thrill out of believing that they know the "true workings of this world" - their belief in conspiracy gives them a sense of power, a sense of "looking through the looking glass", a sense of intelligence that separates them from the rest of "us sheeple". They cling to conspiracies because it makes them feel special. It's egotistical.

Of course, no doubt, they'll say I'm a paid member of the illuminati, that I'm a stooge, that any evidence against their theories has been "planted" by nefarious forces. Don't bother debating a conspiracy theorist - there's no point. They want to believe, so they will go on believing. They are the exact opposite of scientists.

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Don't get mad - merely, however, show that they cannot stop you. My parents love me very much and invested a lot into me. They are, of course, very overprotective. When I was a child, I listened to them and obeyed them, even though I'm not religious in the slightest. I find that, looking back on my childhood, they were right most of the time.

However, even when I'm an adult, they still think of me as a child. I can't blame them for that. They love me very, very much. But I can't let them run my life. If they really don't like something I want to do (say, rock climing, or going overseas on a Medical Elective), I merely say to them, in a calm, cool voice "I do not appreciate being treated this way", and I go and do whatever it is I wanted to do in the first place.

If you paid for that car, they can't take it away from you. At worst, they could kick you out. If you have a job, you can survive that. And if they really did care about you (and I suspect they do) they won't kick you out.

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There are quite a few chests in the game, but some of them are "hidden" - placed out of direct line-of-sight from the main path.

As for loot, I have great weapons. It's a little slow - you won't get really good weapons until you get to about Lv. 20~22. Also, playing with others makes more (and better) guns drop.

Perhaps you're just unlucky?