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It's great, for the most part. There ARE some areas which the game noticeably slows down, especially if there are a lot of characters and visual effects going on, but it's fairly rare, I've only see it happen in one or two areas (Like Macalania Temple, it noticeably slows down when you're in there).

It's pretty much exactly the same game, with slightly better graphics. Actually, the HD textures aren't always so good - Tidus's and Rikku's face can look messed up due to the hi-res textures at times. But seriously, it's worth your money if you liked FFX. I haven't played the X-2 remake. X-2 was where Square just lost me. I'm sure FFX-2 is beloved by many people, but it wasn't for me and every FF game they've released since then hasn't been for me either.

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Tattoos are not for me. What people do with their own bodies is up to them - if they want to get Tattoos, well, who am I to say no? Just some advice:

1) People will judge you if you get certain tattoos in certain areas. People shouldn't judge you, but they are going to. And despite what every single rebellious "Free Spirit" rock song from the 1990s told us, yes, what others think of you matters. Because you live in a society populated with other people. I have seen people immediately and directly turned down for good jobs because of facial tattoos. They were nice, educated people, but the employer didn't care. So be careful. As much as we like to tell ourselves that we shouldn't listen to anyone and we should be rebellious free spirits living our dreams.... we need to realize that our actions have consequences, and even if those consequences are unfair, they still exist. You do not live a vacuum, you will not always be congratulated on your choices and deciding to not care what anyone else thinks at all will mean that you either become 1) A vagrant or 2) A sociopathic business person. Neither are good outcomes.

2) Don't do it because others want you to or to fit in with your friends. If your friends won't accept you because you don't have a tattoo, then they're not really your friends.

3) Think carefully as to whether or not you'd be still willing to show your tattoo in your later years. Getting that tattoo of sonic might seem cool now, but are you going to be comfortable showing that off to people 10 or 20 years down the track? Because, unless you get it removed, that tattoo will be there in 10 or 20 years. So think very very carefully about what tattoo you get.

4) Tattoo removal, while improving every year, is still expensive and painful. So.... think.... very.... carefully. Do you want this tattoo? Will it mean anything to anyone in 10 years, or even 5? Are you getting some tattoo referencing the latest pop-culture fad that WILL fade into obscurity within 4 years? You might not be making the best choice.

5) Get a Tattoo artist that can spell.

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I got the feeling that he was getting sick of his job over the past year or so. Well, I enjoyed his videos. I have no idea what he's going to do next, but hopefully he won't disappear from the gaming scene entirely. It would be nice to have him on the bombcast occasionally.

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You satirized the hell out of.... whatever it was you were satirizing.

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Wait, there's a western market for this sort of game? Huh. Surprising.

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You know that Beatles song "all you need is love"? Well the Beatles were wrong! If love is truly all you have, your relationship isn't going to last long living out of a cardboard box in an alley way. Women (and men!) do care about financial stability. It really makes a difference. Also, having a job implies that you are more successful than those without a job. Women, like most rational people, are drawn to those who are successful. It's not money itself that makes men "sexier" - it's that someone with a job is seen as being more responsible, hardworking and the relationship is more likely to be successful in the long run. Honestly, if you were a woman, wouldn't you look for a successful man? If I were a woman, I would. It wouldn't be the only factor, but it would be A factor. Marrying the penniless poet with a beautiful soul might seem like a good idea, but when you're 45, still penniless, with children to support, facing foreclosure on your home and unable to enjoy much of anything in life due to financial stress, the relationship will quickly sour.

Both Men and Women have certain things they look for when they want to choose a partner. I've never had a problem with this. Most (not all!) men want a beautiful, kind woman who cares for them. Most (not all!) women want a tall handsome, strong, kind man who is someone they can respect. That's fine. I've never had any issues with women wanting certain things from their partners. Both Men and Women bemoan the fact that the other side does have certain criteria. Women constantly complain that men are "only interested in looks" whereas men constantly complain that women are "only interested" in money or success or height (I've had women say to me, point blank, that I am simply too short for them to date. And that's fine! They want a tall partner, and god speed in their search for one! I have no bitterness towards them - they have a right to desire what they desire).

As with many things, attraction is often multifaceted and complex. But everyone has a right to desire what they desire in a partner.

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I would recommend the manga called Blame! by Tsutomu Nihei it is awesome and gritty to the core , and dont worry it doesn´t have any of the anime/manga tropes if you dislike those.

Absolutely. It's a very unique world, and it's not at all like most anime or manga.

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I've said it before, you've said it before, thousands have said it before - CITY SIZE. I couldn't be arsed about online or offline, frankly, but I'm not playing SimCity until they allow me to build an actual CITY - not a city-like town with sharply demarcated borders.

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I put in... what, 300+ hours into Diablo III? I thought it was a pretty good game, but I am not going to play it again until the expansion. I've seen the four acts way too many times.

I will absolutely play Reaper of Souls, though.

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It's an unfortunate turn of events, but I don't think you're getting the Crimean area back. Russia will only pull out its soldiers if it gets a Pro-Russian government back in power, and I doubt the people of Kiev and the Western regions will let that happen. Ukraine doesn't have the military strength to take on Russia.

However, Putin doesn't want a war either. He moved into the Crimean area because he could - he had troops very close by, heck he had bases in the region. It was easy for him to place troops in those regions. He also knew that a large percentage (even the majority) of people in Crimea would welcome Russian troops (no idea why, even if they consider themselves Russian, who actually wants to live in Russia?). Now, he can't move his forces into the Western regions of Ukraine without running into a majority of people who wouldn't accept that.

The best thing for Ukraine is to mobilize its military, put all of its soldiers on the border and around Crimea and just... not let the Russians through. Don't start a fight - just block their way and refuse to move. Putin may not risk shooting up Ukrainians in an actual war (although he was prepared to fight Georgia - but remember, it was Georgia that fired the first shots). The principle thing for Ukraine is to NOT BE TRICKED INTO FIRING THE FIRST SHOT. DO NOT DO THAT. IF YOU FIRE FIRST, PUTIN WINS. Putin will have the excuse to move in straight away into the Eastern Areas.

Ukraine needs to guard the rest of its territory, and wait. Maybe they'll never get Crimea back, but to be honest, they only got the Crimean region in 1954, so it hasn't really been "Ukrainian" for very long, and the people who live there don't seem to want to be part of Ukraine anyway (given that they only speak Russian and even call themselves Russian). Maybe, however, international sanctions or diplomatic deals will force Russia to leave, or allow Russia to leave without losing face. Honestly, the best thing for Ukraine is to wait and strategically position forces so that Putin cannot move any further without actually firing shots.