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Portal 2

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Not really. I work in a hospital, so if a case turned up, there is a small chance I could be exposed to it.... but it's unlikely. And even if you get exposed to a patient with Ebola, you should be safe if you follow the safety rules in the Hospital and avoid contact with bodily secretions. Africa should be worried... but not people like me who live in Australia.

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I tend not to watch the Quicklook Ex videos (with the exception of those starring the delightful Brad Muir) - often because the developers come across as super uncomfortable or robotic, and that's not fun.

I don't listen to the F1 podcast... because I don't care about racing at all.

I watch/listen to the rest, mostly.

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THE DEATH OF AMERICA!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

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Take the time you need Jeff. Sorry to hear about it.

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I absolutely do NOT begrudge him for taking the money - it is what I would do, and I have no shame in admitting that. Almost anyone would.

Is it a bit hypocritical, or even very hypocritical? Sure. But you know what? Mojang aren't making vaccines. They're not purifying water. They're not providing health care. You can get angry at those groups for "selling out", and I'd be right there with you. But Mojang and Notch make minecraft. That is not an essential good, it's a video game that no one needs and doesn't cost that much.

So he sold out. So what? 1) Don't pretend that you wouldn't have done EXACTLY the same thing in his shoes and 2) It's just minecraft. A good game, to be sure, but just a game at the end of the day.

I'm more interested in Microsoft's decision to do this - Minecraft isn't new, and Mojang have Minecraft and.... nothing else, reallly. Oh, didn't they make some sort of crappy card game that NO ONE talks about anymore? So they've got minecraft and... yeah, pretty much that's it.

Minecraft isn't even that popular anymore - its star is fading. It's no longer part of the zeitgeist. Sure, it's still relatively popular, but let's face it - you're hearing less and less about it as time goes by, aren't you? This purchase would have been sensible 2 years ago, but now? I think Microsoft have spent 2.5 Billion dollars on something that will be far less relevant within the next year or so.

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ROBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTS! Everything's better with Robots!

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From what I could gather, the infection was winning - the quarantine zones were failing, resources were scarce and the remnants of the US military were running out of personnel. The game heavily implies that humanity is in severe danger of going extinct - the economy was so run down that they were going to run out of resources that enabled the quarantine zones to be maintained.

Even if there was no guarantee the cure could work, a shot is a shot. All of humanity's future was riding on this. Joel made the wrong choice - an understandable choice, yes, but the wrong one.

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I agree absolutely. I can stand a protagonist being a "little" evil, but I can't stand an inconsistent character. It's why I detestd Niko in GTA IV - one minute he's waxing lyrical about the horrors of war and how people are used by the powerful to do evil deeds, and the next he's doing those evil deeds simply because he was asked to.

I haven't played Watch Dogs (and given the current state of the PC port, that won't happen for quite some time yet) but I have watched a bit of it on Youtube, and Aiden's just.... he's an absolute hypocrite. His crimes are "justified" in his eyes, even when his crimes are open theft against people on the street. He drains bank accounts of regular people and doesn't bat an eyelid. He causes absolute mayhem and destruction - and does he ever accept some responsibility for the death of his niece?

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Great! Best of luck in your new job. It's always great when you take an opportunity that challenges you, and pushes you to do your best. Even if it doesn't work out in that particular instance, you take the lessons and the skills you learn and apply it in other areas.