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Well, from what I know of the game, it seems to have been in development for a long time and delayed, which I don't take to be a good sign. Also, I'm not really interested in Wolfenstein - I am 26 and I've never played a wolfenstein game before, ever. Many people my age are in the same boat. Thirdly, the trailers they've put out have mostly been showcasing their alternate history thing, which is goofy (in a good way) and interesting but tells me nothing about the actual game play. Fourthly, MachineGames, the developer, has no other games under its belt. Yes, it has former Starbreeze employees, but that doesn't mean they work well as a team, or that the leadership is good enough to make a good game. So really, there's nothing to recommend this game to me. I'm not terribly interested in gunning down Nazis either.

I'm keeping an open mind - I'll wait for reviews, and if the reviews are good and I have enough spare time, I might pick it up. But as for why I'm not excited - I'm just not. I don't know how well the game is going to turn out. I'm not especially interested in the setting or the enemies. I've seen only snippets of gameplay, and I have no other game by the developer to judge as to the developer's competency. So you ask why I'm not interested, but in my mind the question is "Why should I be?"

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The quicklook for Rouge Warrior. Still brings a chuckle whenever I see it again.

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Oh yeah, that math stuff disappears quickly. I took Math C in High School, the advanced maths course in Australia - Calculus, Vectors, Geometric Sequences - I was pretty good at it. Now, 10 years after High School, I can remember none of it. All I have left is basic algebra, because that's all I need in my current studies. Knowledge disappears so damn fast if you don't use it. I can barely remember much of my first degree.

It's always scary going back to school, especially when you think you're done with it. But you are doing the right thing - knowledge is always good for you. You are broadening your career options and yourself as a person. Honestly, I wish you the best of luck. I've been studying as soon as I got out of Highschool - and I'm still studying 10 years later. I had two failed careers that didn't go anywhere - I failed as a biotechnologist and I couldn't find a job as a molecular biologist. Now, I'm doing medicine, and luckily I have a contract with my Federal Government that guarantees me a job as a doctor after I leave (although I have to work where they want me to work for a minimum of 4 years). I can tell you, it was very disheartening to have to resume studying once I finished my Masters degree. I always had a dream of being a scientist (still do!), and I find that science is overwhelmingly my passion, but I couldn't get a job and I had to go back to study for 4 more bloody years. I have 1 and a half years to go, and I can't wait to be done with it (although being a doctor here in Australia means you'll be taking tests to measure your skills for the rest of your working career).

It can seem daunting. Going back to learn can make you feel like a failure - I mean, we got the idea that we were supposed to be "done" with this by now. I'm going to be nearly 30 after I graduate (for the third bloody time). Even though people say I'm doing the right thing by studying medicine, I can't help but look back at my life, the 10 years I've spent studying and looking for work and think "what the hell was I doing?". But I try to put that behind me - because I'm on a path now, with a goal in sight.

Best of luck to you - don't be afraid of the time it will take, don't be afraid of going slow - there's a chinese proverb I like: "Don't be afraid of moving slowly, be afraid only of standing still". And you, my friend, are not standing still.

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Noooooo. Absolutely not.

My brother hasn't dated someone from work, but he did something similar - he dated someone in his university class. It didn't end well. In fact, it ended so badly he wasted a whole semester changing his course and he'll finish half a year later than he needs to. Luckily his ex-girlfriend was only in ONE of his courses, god knows what would have happened if she was in more than one - he'd probably have dropped out entirely.

I won't date anyone I work with - because you have to work with them. What IF it goes wrong? Also, how would dating each other change the relationship between you? Maybe if you were employees on an equal pay grade with equal responsibilities, then that wouldn't be so bad - but what if the person you are dating is your manager? Or if you are their manager!? How would your relationship outside work affect your relationship in work - would you be more lenient on them? Would you expect your manager to be less harsh and perhaps do a crappier job?

I'm headed into the field of medicine in about 1 and 1/2 years time. I will not date a fellow doctor or a Nurse or an Admin I work with - EVER. Medicine is tricky and you need to maintain a professional, detached attitude so that you can consider all the possibilities. For doctors to function as they should, they need to have a dispassionate attitude during work so that they treat everyone fairly (staff and patients). Personal relationships within a hospital jeopardize that. Say your significant other looks tired, so you go do the bloods for their patients so that they can have some time off - thus neglecting your own. Say your significant other has a problem with a consultant - who happens to LEAD YOUR TEAM. Whose side are you gonna come down on? If you weren't dating that person, you wouldn't end up in this situation!

Do not mix business and pleasure. Have Discipline and Self Control. Separate your social and business/work life and put up an iron barrier between them and ruthlessly maintain that barrier against all temptations! You can do it, if you have sufficient will power!

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It's advertising for the new Unreal engine, essentially. It doesn't have to charge money, the game itself is part of the marketing effort.

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The Last Guardian coming out? Naw, man. Naw.

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Well, to be honest, the reason anime is what it is, is due to the fact that for the longest time (and even now), it was made to cater to socially awkward teenagers. Most of the creators of anime and manga were themselves, shy, awkward people who probably had a tough time at school. Much of it is wish-fulfilment fantasies made by the awkward, for the awkward. Not everyone in Japan likes Anime (I know quite a few Japanese people who freaking hate it) and don't mistake "anime japan" for real japan.

Why does everyone look like they are 12? Well, the style was originally made to appeal to children. Big-eyes make characters appealing to young folks, and makes the character look young as well. These days, eh, there's a worrying amount of child-hood sexualization which some in Japan might think is "cute", but I am just utterly horrified by. I don't want to see a 12 year old girl's panties. I really, REALLY don't, and I am very worried about anyone who does or thinks it's "appropriate". Not all anime is like that, but a distressing amount of it these days is heading in that direction and it's just.... weird.

Why do people bleed through noses? In japan, that's considered a sign you're sexually attracted to someone. It's nonsense, absolute nonsense (people do not bleed through their nose if they stare at someone they like), but it's a cultural thing.

What is BL? I don't know.

Why is everyone afraid of the opposite gender? Cause it's made by the awkward for the awkward and this is how awkward people behave. I would know, because I'm one of them.

Why are little sisters always portrayed as cute? Well, that's a long standing cultural portrayal that doesn't just exist within Japan. Think of American films - the little girl is almost always the innocent child that is supposed to pull at our heartstrings.

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I can't be super excited after DA2 (which I enjoyed) and ME3 (which was pretty average). I have no doubt that BioWare can still make "Good" games, but they used to make GREAT games, and their games haven't been impressing me lately. ME2 was the last one I really liked. DA2.... it was okay, but it couldn't hold the smallest, dimmest candle to DA:O.

I haven't see much of Dragon Age: Inquisition, apart from the art-design and the graphics, which are admittedly very nice. But a pretty game does not necessarily equate to a good one. Now, I have heard some things about DA:I which I like, such as not being confined to one city, having more than 5 different environments and being able to play as someone other than Hawk (UGH. That character will never be remembered or praised). A large party and a big world all sound pretty good - sounds like a proper Dragon Age game, and not a side-story like DA2 seemed to be (I'd almost call DA2 "Hawk's Quest", because that's what 95% of it was about. So there's hope, I think, for DA:I. I will look forward to hearing more about it... but I'm not going to pre-order it. I'm wary and wiser. I'm waiting for reviews this time.

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They need to find the right game. Chrono Trigger, great as it was, wasn't suitable for an ER. Persona 4, with its huge and weird content, and Deadly Premonition, with is insane open world, were great ER choices because they let the crew have fun each episode, with each of them not knowing what crazy stuff would be thrown their way. A great ER game is one that has enough weirdness, strangeness, humour or mechanical complexity to make each episode worth while. It's tough to find a game like that.

And they have done "Endurance Runs" of other games. BioForge was played start to finish, and pretty much counts as an Endurance Run.

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Might try this again. Of course, everyone on the PC who has been playing it for all this time is probably so good at this game that they can snipe me to death the very instant I spawn, and I'll have a frightfully bad K/D ratio because they know the maps like the back of their hand and they'll have vehicle and weapon and kit perks which will utterly destroy me, because they can spend 5 to 10 hours a day playing, whereas I cannot....

Scratch that, I don't think I'll go back to BF4. What's the point in humiliating myself?