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In the USA, your minimum wages are so abysmal that tips are borderline necessary for the servers to have any decent standard of living. So long as my service wasn't actively terrible, I'd tip. Food is so much cheaper in the US than in Australia, that tipping a server will bring the price up to what I usually would pay for in Australia (our currencies are roughly worth the same these days). So I would tip, even if the service was average. In fact, I PREFER average service. I prefer it if the server just gives me the food (not rudely), but just hands it over and leaves without a word. I don't like it when the server tries to act all "buddy-buddy" with me - I sympathize with the fact that they have to act nice for the customer, but it always bothered me since it's so obviously fake.

But yeah, if I lived in the US, I would tip people so long as they weren't actively rude or really bad at their job.

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It has a robot in it. In particular, a robot voiced by Kevin Spacey. It is one of my favorite films of all time.

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Isn't the whole point of our justice system rehabilitation? Hopefully the guy is better.

Rehabilitation is just one of the goals of a modern justice system. Protection from people with sick compulsions is another. We lock up people like Ted Bundy, not because we really think he can be reformed, but because people like Ted Bundy will never stop killing people. This pillow-case rapist will not stop assaulting people. They let him out once, he immediately went back to doing what he did. If he's in jail, he can't rape the good people of California.

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Here is the thing I don't get people can go out and murder other people and can end up being able to overcome their pasts (albeit its still hard to get a decent paying job as a former convict) but a person commits a sexual crime and they go through treatment serve their time and then are labeled a pariah for the rest of their lives. If we as a society can eventually forgive former murderers why can't we forgive rapists as well? Note, not trying to exactly sympathize with the guy just saying I find it odd that sexual criminals seemingly can't ever outrun their pasts even if they are genuinely attempting to be functional members of society after they serve their time.

It's about their compulsion. A once-off murderer who only kills once over a debt or a fight may not find themselves in a position where they would murder again. Many murderers don't kill because they want to kill - they kill in order to achieve an objective. So there is a good chance, that if not placed in the same position, they wouldn't kill again.

Serial killers are different - they kill for the SAKE of killing. They LIKE killing. Release them and they'll kill again.. and again.... and again... because that's what they are compelled to do.

A serial rapist is the same - Rape is not an ends to achieve a goal, the goal is to Rape. He raped dozens of people, possibly more. He has a sick compulsion to rape, that he can't control. If he could control it, he never would have raped anyone. The fact that he did, and the fact that he resumed raping after he was released from prison previously, means that he can't control himself. There's something wrong with him in his head - he has sick, strange desires that we can't rid him of. He's a continuous threat because he can't stop himself and he'll NEVER stop wanting to rape women. I strongly believe that he's sick in his mind, and no psychotherapy will help him. Release him, and I can guarantee you that as long as he is physical able to rape, he'll rape.

I think the law should be changed - serial rapists like him should never be released into society. Ever. Maybe they shouldn't spend their life in jail, but don't put them back into society - surely there's an island we can send them to, right? Exile them.

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It looks fine across the Xbox, PS4 and PC. Sure, you can probably go and look at images and compare "jagginess" and "crushed blacks(??)" and you could probably make a case for one console being better than the other.... but does it matter? DOES IT REALLY MATTER? It looks good on both! The differences are fairly subtle (to a reasonable, non-obsessed person).

Anyway, I got a Raedon R9 290x Graphics card today, which is working wonders in my PC right now. I'll be playing BF4 on my PC, as I am wont to do. Even though it looks better on a PC (duh), I still maintain it looks good on the consoles as well, and I am sure you can have just as much fun with the game on consoles as you can on a PC.

Don't be a tool of the conglomerates. Both Sony and Microsoft want you to think there's a difference of night and day with their consoles, but as we've seen from footage and from the bloody tech specs, they're really pretty similar to each other. Guys and gals, stop pretending there's a world of difference between the Xbox One and the PS4. Honestly, their hardware is pretty similar and for the vast majority of cross-platform games, the performance on both machines is going to be pretty bloody similar. Get the console with the games you like. I can guarantee you they'll look pretty good no matter which console you buy.

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The Single Player isn't any good? Color me surprised.....

I played Battlefield 3's Single Player. I played Medal of Honor (the reboot) singleplayer. It seems that DICE just can't make a good singleplayer. They always mess something up, and I think it's the "far too blue" visuals, "we're trying to be super serious but at the same time hold your hand" mentality and just overall poor writing and too many scenes that lack real tension. I don't like CoD much, and I find Battlefield's Multiplayer to be much better than CoD's, but for some reason I can't quite pin down, I like CoD's single player better than I like Battlefields. Both are short. Both have storylines that could have been written by a 13 year old on a sugar rush, both are super linear and guide you as if leading you by the hand.... so why is it that I always like CoD's singleplayer more than Battlefields (not by much, mind you, not by much)? What is it that DICE keep getting wrong? Is it the tone? The pacing? I don't think it's the mechanics - I like the mechanics of Battlefield's multiplayer more than CoDs.

It just surprises me that Battlefield's single player is almost always lacking when compared to CoD's. Not that singleplayer really matters - who buys Battlefield for the single player campaign? But I just can't quite pin down what it is that DICE do worse than Treyarch or IW. They're doing SOMETHING wrong... I can't quite figure out what.

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Just don't mention it, if you think it might cause issues. It's not like you have to lie and write: "Under no circumstances do I spend time on Friday watching a video series known as "Unprofessional Fridays" produced by Giant Bomb, a wholly owned subsidiary of CBS interactive". Just.... don't mention it if you don't want them to know.

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Obviously it is nothing, NOTHING to do with overheating PS4s or Glitchy Xbox One stuff - why would they care? Why would Adam Sessler be thrown out of shape by that? He'd simply laugh at technical glitches and get on with doing what he does.

Obviously, OBVIOUSLY, it is about something that is affecting his business. A publisher or a console manufacturer has probably told him that he can't use footage of a game or a certain number of games. Or, Sony and Microsoft are banning YouTube videos of their games. That's the only thing that would throw Sessler off his game, since his JOB depends on Youtube. Rev3 hasn't been around for that long and I assume their business strategy is only viable if they have youtube to host their videos.

It's almost certainly something of that nature. This whole "Overheating" and "xbox bugs" stuff is silly. No reviewer would care about that.

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You want passive? Gratuitous Space Battles. As the name suggests.... it's about gratuitous space battles. You set up the ships, and you can "program" their behaviour to some extent, but when the battle starts the AI takes over and the fighting is done for you. Recent patches allow the player to adjust which ships attack which other ships, but in general, you can let the AI do the work. Battles can take ages if you set the time to normal speed, and it generates a fascinating light show. It's not exactly "difficult", but it is very customizable and if you just want to watch pretty ships annihilate each other in space, it's fun enough.

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Stay safe, and if you live in low-lying regions, know the nearest high-point and move before it is too late. Stock supplies, put them in a bag, get them ready to go.

I haven't lived in the UK for the past 23 years, but I know the weather can get pretty atrocious at times. Just make sure you know where to go in the event of an emergency.