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You see, the thing is, it's lopsided. You remark about how you want individualism respected - sure, women can dress as they want, and some choose to dress with less clothing rather than more. But in video games we see an abundance of very revealing outfits for women. Also, most of the characters are designed by men.

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This is probably important to people who use these features. I've never heard of DLNA until now... it's some sort of proprietary Sony thing? Except for the Playstation, I've never had an interest in anything Sony makes. I mean, seriously, their TV's are massively overpriced - the Playstation is the only thing Sony makes that's worth buying, everything else they make tends to be horrifyingly overpriced, which is why they're being slaughtered by Samsung and LG in the consumer goods market. Actually, I think their eReader is pretty good as well, but they're still a couple hundred bucks more than their competitors (I have a Sony eReader - it's good... but perhaps not 360 dollars good). And don't get me started on their abysmal phones.

I'm not saying Sony doesn't make good products, it's just that others make similar products for less.

Anyway, since I almost never buy any Sony products or anything from the Sony Store except for games, I've never used DLNA and most of the rest of the world hasn't either. Maybe Japanese folks are more familiar with DLNA and use it more frequently, but I'm pretty sure most of us in the West don't really use DLNA.... given that it's the first time I've heard of the bloody thing.

No YouTube upload on launch day? Eh.

No CD support? Who.... who uses CDs? DVDs is where it's at. MP3 players. USB sticks. I haven't used a CD in.... what.... 5 years? I think I used a CD ONCE 5 years ago...and that was to get old information off so I could put it on a DVD.

The external HD stuff actually IS somewhat concerning. I don't like having to delete and re-download digital titles from the Playstation Store. If they supported external hard-drives then I could download them, keep them on the drive and just put them back whenever I wanted to play. I suppose they're doing this to force us to buy their terribly overpriced "memory stick DUO" or whatever the hell they're calling their stupid proprietary memory crap.

I like my PS3. I even like my Vita. I'm absolutely getting a PS4. But sometimes Sony makes it hard for me to like them with their almost apple-like obsession with making you buy THEIR overpriced accessories and add-ons. I freaking hate Sony's memory sticks. Overpriced bullshit.

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Yes because this game is really going to drive youngsters to travel to Norway or Japan to become epic whale hunters!

It's a game set in the past - a past that included whaling. The idea that this will result in some sort of whaling resurgence is absurd. First off, there is ZERO, and I mean ZERO commercial interest in Whaling. The Japanese only continue to whale because of pride (everyone tells them to stop, so they are doggedly going to keep on doing it). Virtually no one is buying whale meat in Japan, there is no market for whale oil or blubber. The Whaling industry in Japan is COMPLETELY reliant on the Government to keep it going. If the government didn't subsidize the whaling industry and force schools to buy whale meat to serve to students, there wouldn't be a whaling industry in Japan. The Japanese population themselves don't care much for whale meat. Nor does any country that I know of. Whaling is an inefficient way of making money - so inefficient that it DOESN'T make money.

Assassin's Creed's Whaling mini-game is not going to jump start the whaling industry. PETA are doing this for attention - get their name into the headlines, remind people that they still exist.

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It's good. It's not bad - but people are giving it poor scores due to the bugs on the PC and due to the fact that it's just not quite as good as the other games. I don't think it's a bad game... I don't think it's great either though.

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Killzone 1 was a product of over-ambition and is generally regarded as a pretty dismal game by those who played it. I honestly would not bother.

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In the USA, your minimum wages are so abysmal that tips are borderline necessary for the servers to have any decent standard of living. So long as my service wasn't actively terrible, I'd tip. Food is so much cheaper in the US than in Australia, that tipping a server will bring the price up to what I usually would pay for in Australia (our currencies are roughly worth the same these days). So I would tip, even if the service was average. In fact, I PREFER average service. I prefer it if the server just gives me the food (not rudely), but just hands it over and leaves without a word. I don't like it when the server tries to act all "buddy-buddy" with me - I sympathize with the fact that they have to act nice for the customer, but it always bothered me since it's so obviously fake.

But yeah, if I lived in the US, I would tip people so long as they weren't actively rude or really bad at their job.

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It has a robot in it. In particular, a robot voiced by Kevin Spacey. It is one of my favorite films of all time.

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Isn't the whole point of our justice system rehabilitation? Hopefully the guy is better.

Rehabilitation is just one of the goals of a modern justice system. Protection from people with sick compulsions is another. We lock up people like Ted Bundy, not because we really think he can be reformed, but because people like Ted Bundy will never stop killing people. This pillow-case rapist will not stop assaulting people. They let him out once, he immediately went back to doing what he did. If he's in jail, he can't rape the good people of California.

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Here is the thing I don't get people can go out and murder other people and can end up being able to overcome their pasts (albeit its still hard to get a decent paying job as a former convict) but a person commits a sexual crime and they go through treatment serve their time and then are labeled a pariah for the rest of their lives. If we as a society can eventually forgive former murderers why can't we forgive rapists as well? Note, not trying to exactly sympathize with the guy just saying I find it odd that sexual criminals seemingly can't ever outrun their pasts even if they are genuinely attempting to be functional members of society after they serve their time.

It's about their compulsion. A once-off murderer who only kills once over a debt or a fight may not find themselves in a position where they would murder again. Many murderers don't kill because they want to kill - they kill in order to achieve an objective. So there is a good chance, that if not placed in the same position, they wouldn't kill again.

Serial killers are different - they kill for the SAKE of killing. They LIKE killing. Release them and they'll kill again.. and again.... and again... because that's what they are compelled to do.

A serial rapist is the same - Rape is not an ends to achieve a goal, the goal is to Rape. He raped dozens of people, possibly more. He has a sick compulsion to rape, that he can't control. If he could control it, he never would have raped anyone. The fact that he did, and the fact that he resumed raping after he was released from prison previously, means that he can't control himself. There's something wrong with him in his head - he has sick, strange desires that we can't rid him of. He's a continuous threat because he can't stop himself and he'll NEVER stop wanting to rape women. I strongly believe that he's sick in his mind, and no psychotherapy will help him. Release him, and I can guarantee you that as long as he is physical able to rape, he'll rape.

I think the law should be changed - serial rapists like him should never be released into society. Ever. Maybe they shouldn't spend their life in jail, but don't put them back into society - surely there's an island we can send them to, right? Exile them.

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It looks fine across the Xbox, PS4 and PC. Sure, you can probably go and look at images and compare "jagginess" and "crushed blacks(??)" and you could probably make a case for one console being better than the other.... but does it matter? DOES IT REALLY MATTER? It looks good on both! The differences are fairly subtle (to a reasonable, non-obsessed person).

Anyway, I got a Raedon R9 290x Graphics card today, which is working wonders in my PC right now. I'll be playing BF4 on my PC, as I am wont to do. Even though it looks better on a PC (duh), I still maintain it looks good on the consoles as well, and I am sure you can have just as much fun with the game on consoles as you can on a PC.

Don't be a tool of the conglomerates. Both Sony and Microsoft want you to think there's a difference of night and day with their consoles, but as we've seen from footage and from the bloody tech specs, they're really pretty similar to each other. Guys and gals, stop pretending there's a world of difference between the Xbox One and the PS4. Honestly, their hardware is pretty similar and for the vast majority of cross-platform games, the performance on both machines is going to be pretty bloody similar. Get the console with the games you like. I can guarantee you they'll look pretty good no matter which console you buy.