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I like my Vita - especially with Playstation Plus. I got it for P4G and I don't regret it.

But.... it doesn't have that many great games yet. Tearaway, P4G, maybe Gravity Shift - but apart from that, what does it have? Uh, Soul Sacrifice? Maybe?

It has some other great games like Guacamelee and Thomas Was Alone.... but you can play those games elsewhere. The Vita still doesn't have enough good exclusives to make it a worthwhile purchase, unless you're a Persona nut like me.

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I say they should ditch the WiiU, cut their losses and start with a new console. That won't happen because that's an incredibly risky move to make, but I think it's a bold move they should make.

What is likely to happen is that the next console will be put into development and the WiiU will be retired within a few years. Hopefully.... they'll choose a better name for their next console.

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GB playing unfinished stuff just seems like a sure fire pathway to comedy gold. How could anyone be against this? The developers may not want their unfinished game poked at by the GB crew, but that's a risk they take with putting something on early access.

Go Forth Jeff, Vinny, Brad and Drew (and possibly Rorie)! See the most busted in-development prototypes and break them in hilarious ways.

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It ain't bigger cities, so I'm still not going back to it. Still, a tentative step in the right direction.

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Wow. Silicon Knights or Silicon Knaves?

How's Denis Dyack's (3rd or 4th) Kickstarter going anyhow?

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Hah. You think they're communists.

Yeah, because communists wear Nike shoes, have McDonalds, Stock-markets, For-Profit Banks, Starbucks and have a bazillion private businesses.

Communist in name ONLY pal. Authoritarian, to be sure, but communist? Yeah, the Chinese gave up communism in the late 80s. They're authoritarian capitalists - sort of like Pinoche or Batista.

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Yeah, heard about those floods in the UK. Sorry about your offices. I surely hope that they've backed their stuff up. No Man's Sky looked good. Hopefully even if they've lost everything they can put it back together and maybe get some angel investor to further the game.

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You interact with it to further the story and explore the environment. Is it a game? Hm...... depends on what you think a "game" is. Certainly Gone Home has no challenge whatsoever. No obstacle to overcome. No puzzles to solve. No enemies to defeat. There is very little fun to be had in interacting with the environment in Gone Home itself - the interactions are to further the story which is quite poignant and interesting.

Interactive Experience is a better term for it, and one that is just as good as "game". Calling it an interactive experience does not diminish its power or its worth. We've gone from "Don't call it a game" to emphasize its worth to "It HAS to be called a game" in order to emphasize its worth - what a strange development!

Something doesn't have to be a game for it to be extremely worth your time. "To the Moon" is my favorite piece of media, ever. I like it more than Catch-22 the novel, I like it more than any film I've ever seen - it's my favorite story. And I don't think it's a game at all. Yes, you interact with it a little. There are a few "action" pieces which you can't lose and a few absurdly simple puzzles put in there, I think, to justify calling it a game, but it didn't need any of those things to be absolutely special. It's an interactive Experience or an Interactive Story - not a game, really. That doesn't mean it is less moving than "The Last of Us" or any game or film or book.

Whether or not its a game SIMPLY DOESN'T MATTER, if you really think about it. And to anyone who wouldn't play "To the Moon" or "Gone Home" because they don't think it's a "game" - well, sorry. You're missing out.

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I used to like Jon Stewart - back when he was drier, more sarcastic and less "funny-faces" and "meme-jokes". I think Colbert has surpassed him in every way. He needs to go back to how he was during the '05-'06 period when he was at his height.

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Oh it's a pretty good game - just happens to be unstable at the moment. I wish they'd fix it.

I have it for the PC and it looks amazing, but I have difficulty playing it because PC players treat that game seriously. Very, very seriously. There are people who memorize the maps completely, know exactly what locations to snipe from, there are people who have virtually memorized all the spawn locations and work in very co-operative teams and if you're just a relatively casual player who doesn't spend 10 hours a day playing it, you are going to have a very unpleasant time. I'm thinking of doing what Jeff does and getting it for the consoles simply because snipers aren't as good on the consoles since they don't have a mouse. It's very, very hard to play on the PC - the competitiveness of Battlefield players is just too high for me.