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An experience that had better pay off 0

I like the first two "Acts" of Kentucy Route Zero - I really do. I love the art-style, I love the writing, I love the etheral soundtrack with the occasional somber blue-grass track.But I just can't help but shake the feeling that it'll all end like Twin Peaks or Lost or anyone of a dozen "too-clever-by-half", "We're-stringing-you-along-with-the-promise-of-deeper-meaning-but-who-knows-if-we-actually-have-a-coherent-plot-or-if-we're-making-it-up-as-we-go", also known as the "Chris-Carter-Effect" ...

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The Swapper - a metaphysical puzzle game 0

You can immediately tell that the swapper was made by people with a passion and a story they wanted to tell. Everything from the cleverly designed puzzles, to the haunting music, to the lovingly crafted "claymation" environments, all of this screams of a game made by very dedicated people who have talent and drive. But all the well-meaning passion in the world doesn't mean squat if it doesn't play decently or have any meat to it.Fortunately, The Swapper is well designed enough, with just enough ...

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I can't give this game 3.5 so I have to give it 4 out of 5 0

Tomb Raider is an alright game. In fact, in many ways, it's pretty good. But for everything it does right, it does something a little wrong, and the main impression the game leaves is one of "Imagine what it could have been".STORY:This is a reboot for the entire series, setting up Lara Croft as a recently graduated archaeologist on an expedition to find the ruins of a mystical island civilization off the coast of Japan. On approach to the mystical island located in the "Dragon's Triangle", the s...

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Cos This Ain't No Game 0

A long time fan of the Endurance Run, I decided to get P4G mostly because I couldn't find (and I tried) a copy of Persona 4, and because I wanted to experience some of the stuff Jeff and Vinny didn't go through. As a result, the story doesn't come as a surprise to me, but it's still very enjoyable.STORYYou probably know the basic setup for Persona 4 Golden, but in case you don't, here it is again: You play as the main protagonist, a high-school student who has been sent to spend a year with his ...

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This hit me hard 0

This game hit me hard. It hit me damn hard. There has been precisely two other times in my life which I have felt the way that this game made me feel.The first was when I lost my Dog to CancerThe second was.... well... I won't go into that.To the Moon is not really a video game. Yes, you control a character, but there is no way to "lose" the game. The puzzles are incredibly simple. The controls can be cumbersome. It's not even really a game, more of a visual novel or interactive work of fiction....

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Masked Mayhem 0

This game doesn't aim for much, but it achieves what it set out to achieve with spectacular results. Hotline Miami is fast, brutal and cheap (the good kind of cheap - wallet cheap)STORY:Hotline Miami doesn't have a particularly coherent storyline and the game isn't centered around it, but it does have one and it is fairly compelling, even if it is fairly minimalistic.You are an unnamed man (identified by the trademark B jacket he wears) living in 1989 Miami Florida. You wake up, you go to your p...

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What Far Cry 2 should have been 0

I hated Far Cry 2. I mean, I really hated it. It was one of my most hated games of the decade. It had virtually no story, incredibly bad voice acting, lousy shooting mechanics and frustrating "features" like Malaria, near instantaneous enemy respawns and Gun-jamming. The entire game felt like tech-demo demonstrating foliage rendering.I am happy to say that Far Cry 3 fixes nearly all of these problems. It shines in exactly the places that Far Cry 2 did not.PLOT:Unlike Far Cry 2, Far Cry 3 has a p...

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A solid game 0

Sleeping dogs is a solid game - there isn't anything it does badly and plenty of things it does very well. No, it won't light the world on fire, but for a game that was very nearly cancelled, it has done well for itself.THE STORY:The main draw for sleeping dogs is not the open world mechanics - other games have done it before. It's not the combat - other games have done it better. It's not the graphics - which are good, but won't make your jaw drop. No, the main draw for Sleeping dogs is the set...

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Rock Payne 0

Max Payne 3 isn't really a Max Payne game. At least, it's not like Max Payne 1 or 2. This game is its own game - and while it might star a character called Max Payne, voiced by the same voice actor, it's really not a Max Payne Game - it's a rockstar game.And it's a damn good one.STORY:Max Payne 3 takes place roughly a decade after Max Payne 2. The years have not been kind to Max - he's an absolute drunk, he's been fired from the force due to his actions in Max Payne 2, and he's addicted to pain ...

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It's more diablo 0

I wish I could give this game three ratings - one for the majority of video game players, one for those who liked previous diablo games and one for those who REALLY liked the previous diablo games.This review is for the majority of gamers - you'll like Diablo III. It's a good game, well polished, well executed, with decent content, great mechanics and a decent length. For those who liked Diablo I and II, you'll love this game and I wish I could give it five stars. It's everything you want from a...

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Busy Work 0

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, feels like it began life as an MMO. This is both a good thing and a bad thing - on the good side, there's a ton of content, loot, environments and progression in this game. On the bad side.... it feels utterly soulless and empty.That's not from a lack of imagination, though. Reckoning boasts a well-written world, large environments and tons of voice-acted dialogue. However, the shallow interactions, completely blank-slate protagonists, the lack of any real change a...

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It's Lumines 0

Lumines was one of the greatest PSP games - combining some pretty interesting puzzle mechanics with a wonderful light show and some pretty decent music. There have been a number of sequels to the original lumines, none of which I played until now.Lumines: Electronic Symphony is..... well... lumines. 2-Coloured four-square blocks descend, you have to rotate and place them on the screen to create new squares composing of a single colour. A line will periodically erase the created squares and your ...

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A really mixed bag 0

Mass Effect 3 is a really strange game. There's an undeniable amount of polish to it - famous voice actors, big set pieces, fluid controls, and some quality story telling. However, that's weighed against some spotty writing, short content and what appears to be cut-corners.ME3 starts a few months after ME2, with Shepard having once again lost his crew and his ship. The reason why Shepard is in this predicament is only explained by a bit of ME2 DLC, which is not a great way of starting off your g...

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Just not Enough 0

For a game that spent so long in development, you'd expect more than this.Just to clarify things: I first played the game in Late November 2011. When Brink was released, bad netcode, and crippling bugs and poor optimization for ATI cards ensured that I did not buy it. Come a few months later, the patches have been applied, I have a powerful Nvidia card and it was on sale for 5 dollars, so I got it.Well, 5 bucks not well spent.I won't bore you with a long review: Essentially Brink has the followi...

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It's insane. Absolutely Insane. 0

I know the game came out in 2010, but I just played it this year due to finding it in a bargain bin for 5 bucks.Bayonetta is a really strange game. I'm not talking about the ludicrous main character or her insane beehive hairdo. The entire game is concentrated insanity. It's almost as if the creator and the artists were on LSD when they were making it.But on the bright side, it plays great.Bayonetta is a story about a Witch, some Sages, Angles, Hair-suits, and gun-shoes. That's honestly about al...

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