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Planning on learning the ins and outs too. Steam ID is: KorosiveAcid

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I would really appreciate it if someone pm'd me a key please. I've been playing League lately, but after TNT, Dota 2 looks sick.

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@RazielCuts: For Sara to be treating him the way she was, I'm sure he may have pissed her off off-camera or something.

But to be fair, he set up his schedule, traveled in, brought his stuff, and was completely rushed and unable to finish his explanation or on camera art work.

Am I alone feeling that the GB crews lack of interest in comics (besides Ryan) hurts comicvines appearances? I'd hate to see the site go the way of AnimeVice.

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I learned that comics are the last thing on CBSi's mind.

That interview was the most awkward thing I've seen in a while : (....

And the other comic segments we're only to mock them.

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Year after year, games just keep getting more impressive. This year has been a real show off. 
I need to play Far cry 2. All the cons seem to matter less when the game is much cheaper now.

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@Apathylad:  I'm pretty sure they had nothing to do with XBLA Perfect Dark. So that only leaves one game for this year. : (
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@onarum said:
" @Jeff said:

  it's worth noting that the game makes use of the Xbox 360's Kinect Sensor and the PlayStation Move, but this is there for menu navigation.
wow, that's.... I can't even begin to understand that....

I think he means there will also be a PS3 version. I think...
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@Maniac said:
" I enjoyed early Ace Combat games...I'm sure this one won't be any exception.  I AM confuzzled as to why that Helicopter did a barrel roll, this isn't Star Fox. "
Apaches can roll. Part of what makes them awesome.
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Great list, I've enjoyed almost all of those. Sadly, people their wear nostalgia goggles and say modern cartoons suck, but that is from it. The writing and story quality keeps getting better. It's hard to enjoy GI Joe or He man anymore, but these are entertaining in their own right.

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Possible Little Big Planet "clone"?
I use clone as in the general idea of it, not a knock off.