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UNKLE - "Reign" was a good choice.

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 Oh my science, is that Michael Wincott's voice for death? Because that is awesome!

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How does this have anything to do with Prey?

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Solid "Stranger" reference. Love it.

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Chasing is not nearly as fun as cooking and eating.

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The point is, the United States isn't a region, it's a country. Same goes for the UK and Japan. Australia is the exception (unless you are an Oceania proponent). All that I am saying is, if someone who didn't know anything about releases looked at the release dates of the games, they might be confused by the fact that their country isn't represented. If you make the terms more blanket, which is what Steam and D2D do, then there wouldn't be any confusion. Nobody loses anything by accepting these changes, others only gain. This is not a zero-sum solution, it is plus-plus.

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If it's wrong, yes. I strive for truth. These games are not only being released in the United States and the United Kingdom and Australia and Japan.

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It's almost as if they chose the regions based on who joined the Iraq war. Excluding Japan of course, the other three are represented.  I am joking here.
Also, considering that South Korea has the largest number of people on the internet per capita, it should be a region too.

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Hello everyone,
I just wanted to put forth an idea here: Let's change the region names in release dates from United States to North America and United Kingdom to Europe. I think it is a tad unfair to leave out Mexicans and Canadians (I know North America goes down to Panama, but for the sake of argument let's stick within the realm of believability) and the entirety of Europe (who can all download at the same time as the UK for Games on Demand and Steam). Post comments and responses here and if we get enough people to agree, we should take it to the men up top. If someone could make a vote for me, since I can't seem to figure out how, that would also be awesome.

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I sent a pm to Dave, and now Half-Life 2 achievements are fixed, so maybe I helped?