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Look, it's a Red Dawn video game! And just as bad as the movie! 0

          While the title is meant semi-jokingly, anyone who has actually watched Red Dawn will agree that it is not exactly one of the greatest movies ever made. Hell, it has Patrick Swayze in it. In this same vein, Homefront is a game that cannot have a very deep story. The Russians are replaced with the Koreans, but other than that it is pretty much a straight rip-off. The game takes place several years after the occupation of the US, as the "Norks" are moving across the country and slowly ta...

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Let's puzzle in hyperspeed! 0

I have always liked puzzle games. They do exactly what they are expected to do, they waste a bunch of time and they require learning a new way to look at some sort of board where you do something involving thinking. 4 elements is no different from this.  There is some sort of story in 4 elements about saving the world by returning the 4 elements to it, but really, who cares. The story is only there to move along the actual puzzle game-play which consists of finding pieces in a picture to make th...

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Hey, a new Crackdown game! Or not. 0

 Crackdown 1 was a fun game. I borrowed it from a friend and played it after my girlfriend bought my 360 for Mass Effect. I liked that the game got me used to playing the 360 and its controls so that I could be good for when ME and GTAIV came out. I liked the collectiness of the game, even if I never did completely get all the orbs (who did?). So, when I heard about Crackdown 2, I associated it with fond memories of jumping, climbing and general carnage. I looked forward to it and thought it wou...

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A Subtle Re-Vamping of a Now Old Formula 0

I have played every single LEGO game that has come out on consoles since the first Star Wars came out in 2005. That first game was awesome. To play something that used the canon and also poked fun at it was a blast. The second game (which was based on the original trilogy) was as much fun, even though the formula was the exact same. Obviously the fact that it was based on the better trilogy made it that much better. When LEGO: Indiana Jones came out, I was similarly excited, because those movies...

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Unacceptable from Rebellion 0

 This game's control scheme is so totally busted that I literally took an hour out of my day attempting to fix it for the multiplayer demo. Even after that, the game was stupidly bad. With all battles as Alien or Predator boiling down to melee, I felt that this game missed out on a lot of the fun of those species. Admittedly, Aliens are completely melee, but the control scheme on AvP1 and 2 was so much better. Hold Ctrl to crouch and hold Shift to crouch and climb. And you could climb while stra...

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