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@insane_shadowblade85: I would prefer PC but the XBox port being this weeks XBLA release...

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I bet notch would make a cameo if the Guys contact him.

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Make it happen, Duders! Don't make me beg. I mean, I would beg if necessary, but can't we just agree it would be an awesome TNT?

Oh, and fuck Starhawk!

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Creating fake futuristic racing games is my second favorite hobby.

Number 1 is this:

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Count me in!

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Anyone been watching? Simply an awesome tournament. I'll just leave this gif here. One of today's highlights.

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We've come a long way...

It took the nearly the better half of December but finally we have a winner. The community has discussed and decided, discovered and revisited, declined and approved. The best piece of content in 2011 has been:

RPCG Phantasmagoria

And here are all the winners:

  • Thanks to The Guys for another year of awesome content.
  • Thanks to the mods for helping me a lot.
  • Thanks to the community for participating.

It's over, Duder. <>

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What was your absolute favorite piece of content in 2011?