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So it really is straight up 420 in this bitch.

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Oooh look it's the internet's favourite relentlessly trotted out idiom.

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Maybe they should stop putting time into making it work on the ps3 and do an official driver for PC instead...

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I think your missing the point on the sources of the original measurements. The measurements (such as your speed of light in a vaccum example for meters) are taken from universally available sources, as such if the original measurement is lost it can be re-created. A Kilo for instance is one Liter of distilled water (water being the most common substance on the planet) and 1 Liter is 1000 cubic centimeters.

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No, it's not even the best Elder Scrolls game. Also at a guess I'm assuming the person who brought this thread back from the dead spends deep in the necromancy tree.

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@zella said:

Not a big deal if it is the PC version being downgraded, if it is that bad then people will mod it to make it look better.

This is the wrong attitude. Mods should exists for love of the existing product, not to finish the developers fucking job for them. It's been one of the single ugliest trends in PC gaming for about a decade now. Mod's used to be Battlefield Hardline, now they're post release support.

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Already on Android and iOS, I can't imagine a Vita version would be of much use to many people.

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It's a shame the city still doesn't look as good as the one from the E3 demo.

You can resurrect the shaders, but you can't bring back asset's that were busted down ;)

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Still don't have any beef with the guy, people were dicks, he responded in kind (not the best idea when you're in the spotlight). This video hit the nail on the head.

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@humanity said:

@corruptedevil said:

@dystopiax: Nearsightedness was fixed, as was the flickering lights in the new version, 0.7.

I installed version 0.7 and the nearsightedness is very much still there as is the flickering although both in smaller capacity. Flickering doesn't occur anymore if you just walk around slowly, but if you ride around in a car at night with any amount of speed the light sources from vehicles still begin to flicker - and since you spend a considerable amount of time evading someone at high speeds in cars thats not a good look.

I have a feeling that most of the people in this thread who are most outraged have a) not even played the game b) not played it with this mod.

Yep, this feels like they didn't have time to optimize those effects and they got lost in the rush to release. Man is the internet stupid with console cabal conspiracy theories. As I said before, look for those effects in watch dogs 2 when they'll be able to implement them for platform they give a shit about and that will trickle down to the PC. This is the Ubisoft way, the PC gets shafted because they don't give a damn about the platform.

The Depth of Field shader hasn't got a distance/focus check enabled on it which results in the near sighted issue. It's the sort of thing that would have been implemented had they not dropped development on the more robust effects to squeeze it down onto the less powerful machines.