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I wonder if they'll patch Kid Icarus to support the new analogue stick.

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When will the be announcing the extra delay for the PC version?

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Why bother though? Preorders were originally intended for you to reserve a copy of a popular game because it will sell out on day one. That never happens now. No risk of not being able to get a copy, you can download all games now. Preorders have turned into pre-padding out the wallets of publishers in exchange for some crappy DLC. I always wait for reviews and typically watch some Twitch streams or the quicklook before buying. Plus I have such a huge backlog that 9 time out of 10 I just wait for a sale.

Again, what does pre orders bonuses have to do with it? I could care less what preorder bonuses there are. If I KNOW I want a game there is no reason not to preorder. It isn't gonna cost less cause I bought it on day one but didn't pre order, it isn't going to be any harder or easier to get with or without the preorder. Since there is no real reason not to short of "I am not sure I want the game" then there is no reason not to do it if I know I do want it. Case in point, Witcher 3. Preordered the first day it was available. Why? Because I know I want it so why not?

Yes technically there is no harm for you directly, the game is fine and you wanted it anway. But feeding the pre-order culture in general is a bad thing. Continuing to allow it as a norm opens the gates for publishers to exploit people. For every "sure thing" there is about a dozen middling/bad games that rely on pre-orders to goose their sales up ahead of the review/word of mouth cycle. Look at Colonial Marines, Watch Dogs and Gears Judgement for a couple of examples.

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No, you shouldn't pre-order anything (especially games for which you are on the fence). It's not like it's going to be in short supply during launch week. Just wait for legit opinions on it before jumping in.

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Are Jeff and Dan going to have to pretend to be in love to subvert the rules of the games and allow both of them to survive only for Dan to reveal halfway through that he really loves Jeff and then they have to threaten to poison each other unless they both win?

This is the worst slash fiction I've ever seen.

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Now I can extra not buy the game!

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The fact that EA tried to convince people that the PC wasn't powerful enough to run FIFA 14 in the first place was one of their most ludicrous lies in years.

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What's crazier is that we had 2 machines, sit down and back to back Japanese style. We even had a KoF '99 machine in the common room along side an MvC2 machine.

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I'm genuinely curious if anyone else in the GB community/team encountered this game in the wild as it seems to pop up in "rarest games" lists rather frequently. Thing is my local arcade had the English release of this game back in 2001/2002 and it's not like it was a big arcade since it was attached to the cinema in the mall near my college (or 11/12 high school for the US peeps). It seems like KoF had a much larger local scene in my neck of the woods so it blows my mind that I apparently sank waaaaaaaay to much money into one of the rarest releases in existence.

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Fuck DLNA, they should just support SMB shares (they are after all the Windows people).