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Mechanical system drives, never again.

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This is a damn race.

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Don't see any reason to avoid it, it's another update to the Vista kernel and it's been in open beta for ages so compatibility shouldn't be a problem.

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@mb: Do you notice when a frame rate is that low off hand? I can notice but only when I really think about it. Do you care more about frame rate than resolution? Like if something was 720 but at 60fps on consoles would that be acceptable?

It's immediately apparent in what I both see and feel. I'd much rather shoot for a lower resolution on consoles if it meant a decent frame rate. The visual quality is already lower than what I'm used to anyway, may as well make it play nicely.

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Nvidia put out a hotfix to try an deal with a lot of their TDR's a day or two ago, very common with Chrome users. Outside of that the drive might just be toast, I'd recommend swapping it out.

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Both of those sockets are likely to be changed when Skylake launches, neither is a safe bet.


CPU IPC increases have slowed to snails pace over the past 4-5 years. A 2600K from January 2011 with a very easy 4.4 ghz over clock is still more than enough for most tasks, even at stock clocks it steam rolls what's running in the current consoles. There is little cause to change CPU outside of your motherboard cycle anymore unless you're buying at the very bottom.

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@wacomole said:

So Warner have gone from "Its a Rocksteady Game. It's gonna be great. So Pre-order it to get this sweet, sweet exclusive content!" to "Yeah, it's busted. Here's the link to the Steam Refund Page."

So now the choices are, hold onto the game in the hope that they get it all fixed or refund the game before the 2 week time limit runs out and forfeit any pre-order content until the "Game of the Year" version.

How is the PS4 version in comparison?

Decisions, decisions.

PS4 version is fine. Even looks better!

Provided the Unreal texture streaming is behaving the PC version looks just as good at this point (better if you're running above 1080 and have the bonus nvidia bits). The patch restored all the missing effects.

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Decent options menu would be good on top of the first 3, fancy bonus features on top is all well and good but not a necessity. Just let me scale up or down what's there to match the machine, shadow resolution, object draw distances, AA solutions and levels etc.

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The most recent couple of releases from Nvidia have been pretty dodgy for a lot of their users. I'd probably do an full uninstall then clear things away with DDU, then revert to something like 350.12.