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I like indie games, and I like non-traditional games. I'm okay with political and social themes in games.


Sometimes I do just want to play a big dumb triple A game, especially on a new console. I think a lot of the gamer population is even more like that. They'll try things that are different, but they crave a traditional console game. They want to see graphics pushed to the limits. They want familiar controls. They want to know everyone else is playing the same game as them. Their purchases feel more validated - that last bit is a really big part of what pulls the strings on people's emotions in online game discussion.

So, I think a lot of the traction this situation has gotten with people online has to do with their being starved for decent Triple A games - 2014 has been the Year of the Indie much as 2013 was the Year of Luigi. That's absolutely no reason for misogyny or death threats or trolling, but I think a lot of people out there just feel like, where the heck did mainstream gaming go this year? The first mainstream game to get any traction with critics on these consoles is a Lord of the Rings game, of all things?

Well, the reality is that genres and projects always shift, and launch year games are often disappointing for fans of every genre. I hated the whole beginning of the PS3/xbox era because 1st and 3rd person console shooters were coming into style and RPGs and strategy were on their way out. But eventually games along the lines of what I enjoy came back in a big way. Persona 4 came out. Demon's Souls got localized. Beyond Earth is coming.

Anyway, I don't use twitter. I'm not really following this whole situation. Basically just saying, you don't need a movement to express that you don't like where games are going. And you don't need to blame individual developers or reviewers. Suppose one of them really was a truly stupendous heel - how much influence do they really have in the grand scheme of things? The culture and business of what kind of games get made is a lot larger than that.

Games can't stay the same forever; traditions get stale. I think it's okay to protest and express yourself if the games you like go away, but I would always hesitate to support any group whose ideas you don't truly share. Better to just speak for yourself. And for people that do really represent all of what I've heard about gamergate, I doubt the true believers represent even a tiny percentage of people involved in our hobby.

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I really just want my classics backwards compatible on PS4. I suppose 'checking the disc' and then allowing you access to a streamed version of most PS3 / 2 / 1 games is probably too much to hope for?

It's probably just a rotating list of free or discounted digital purchases like PS+, right? :|

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Youtube is part of a big societal shift towards all people potentially having access to most of the information and culture there is, soon after it is produced.

I know people do care about drawing lines in the sand about specific rights and specific freedoms online right now. But I think most people have a very settled desire and expectation to be able to use copyrighted material in their online communication with no repercussions.

I disagree with the commercialization of this activity, personally, because I think we've had good entertainment online since the mid 90s with or without it. But I know some people want to fight for their right to serve ads on youtube rather than having a day job.

Anyway, this shift in our culture is way too big to fail. Look at people's activity on your twitter or twitch and facebook as well. So much copyrighted material in discussion, and being modified for jokes, and being streamed, and being used as raw materials for wonderful new things. People want to do it, and they will. The growing pains are based on the expectation that only young hobbyists are sharing this material to avoid paying for it. Youtube infantilizes them compared to more traditional rights holders. In fact, lots of different kinds of people use copyrighted material online for many purposes. Some want to be online entertainers collecting ad revenue for a career now, I guess. Fine by me... Adblock works for those of us that see the net as a sharing and collaborating tool rather than TV 2.0.

Also, VVVVVV is pretty good.

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They ought to just push 8.1 through Windows Update, but perhaps it's still too buggy for that? Anyway, the people complaining about having no Start button and giving the OS a bad name are not spending any time in the Metro app menu, let alone registered to use the Store.

I enjoy 8, but only after heavy modification to be basically 7 with better security, stability and startup times. I barely used the start menu even when I was an XP holdout.

Some people really do well with the touch interface on Win8 actually, with touchscreen laptops like the little Lenovos. But almost all laptop touchpads have been a total shitshow this year. Both the Win8 software gestures, the larger pads, and low hardware quality actively get in the way of people just moving and clicking normally. I think the press-to-click pad that Apple uses is probably something the PC OEMs should use as well if they can, to stop accidental clicks while typing. Average computer users do not deal well with small, constant frustrations in their controls, that stuff is fundamental. It's the same situation as the Ouya pad.

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I'm probably going to mine the comments on this for days looking for new horror suggestions.

So here's a few of my own favorites:

Dark Water (2002) - this is my favorite Asian horror film; it's classier than most. Thailand's Shutter (2004) is also pretty good if you just don't want to sleep for a few days. Both their US remakes are awful.


Session 9 (2001)

The Innocents (1961)

Let the Right One In (2008)

Ils (2006)

Haute Tension (2003)

Frozen (2010)

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Paying for temporary platform exclusivity is not often a matter of public record. And fans of a platform that secures exclusives often appreciate it, whether that's right or wrong. But if the denial is a lie, that's problematic.

I do think it shows that there's probably a lot more of this iceberg beneath the surface with regards to developers that make stuff for IOS first / only 'based on personal preference.'

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This is a customer service job. All jobs carry potential firing for representing the organization badly to the public to some degree, even totally technical jobs if you manage to lose enough business for your boss. But none more than customer service.

Also, that guy's a dick. Gyms are intimidating enough to those who actually need them without someone copping this sort of attitude. I don't disagree that the overweight guy should try to be tougher, but there's always going to be people in this world that are vulnerable in some way. If you attack them just because the weak point is there rather than politely trying to convince someone to get tougher, you're a dick.

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It does bother me that there aren't more refugees during a really bad civil war. People tend to be a bit too attached to their place, family, and work. The prospects if they leave to some foreign environment often seem Grapes of Wrath-level uncertain, I guess. So unless there's a clear threat to them, average people stay, and many buy into the politics of someone else's power struggle. Mostly refugees were already socially isolated before the conflict, and all that changed is that they became more vulnerable.

In a better world, average people would be able to simply leave this bullshit behind en masse, all countries would be prepared to spend a large portion of their budget on resettling them temporarily or permanently, and the hardcore militants who stay on in failed states could starve or murder each other before the next harvest. That's if we valued life higher than all other concerns.

Anyway, I don't support intervention in favor of any side in the conflict. Containment, sanctions, and humanitarian efforts only. I may be a peacenik, but I think there's plenty of good that a country can do with its military assets in a shitty situation like this without entering into a state of war.

But say if it were me - if Saskatchewan and Manitoba somehow plunged all of Canada into a bitter sectarian struggle over which province is the flattest and most boring, perhaps. You can bet I'd abscond to Washington State with as many homies as I could pack into a truck.

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If they're catering to edge cases like this, then I should hope they'll get off their ass and release a proper two stick XL model by next fall. And they might actually pose the problem to their engineers of keeping the screens from reliably scratching themselves when the clamshell is closed.