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The transition from directx 8 to 9 was pretty big imo. Really, directx 10 and 11 are still running alot of 9 in it with added more-ness. I'am no tech expert, but the highlighted bullet point of DX11 is tessellation, which is what normal mapping was trying to strive for years ago. The UE4 really helped illustrate what tessellation can do, also pointing out how lighting is affected against particulate such as fog, smoke, dust etc. While I can see the argument that it may appear that DX10-11 might be a gimmick it's the "little" things that aren't mentioned we're starting to see with the upcoming engines, and as Korwin said, lot's performance improvements with more added bling. (Can't complain about that)

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Well the patching system seems to be fucked on my end, maybe the servers are down? Last night I was experiencing horrible lag on and off, 100ms to 1800ms every 10 minutes or so. I have a real love hate relationship with this game I swear...

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I don't know about you guys, but I heard that purple spock is pretty amazing...

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Yeah about 600kbps - 1.2mb/s on steam. I ended up buying BF3 on Direct2drive and got around 6 or so mb/s. I wish I knew the real reason behind steams lame slowness aswell. I even tried many different servers, found Seattles to be the 'best' from my location.

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I got a feeling shaw's the best service provider in terms of bandwidth options. Right now I have 100mbps/5mb up with a 500gig bandwidth cap. 250mbps and 15 up is the top tier. Annnnd not only that here in my city of Edmonton and I think Calgary as well their beta testing 1GBps speeds. 100 megabytes per second, I highly doubt my lowly harddrive could even manage that writing speed.

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It should really come to PC.

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218400 hours +/-

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Amazing news! Thank christ this didnt pass, or else this would have effected much more than just the US.

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The continuation of mass fishing is slowly depleting our world food resources, think of how many fish in that net are actually still alive compared to the ones thrown back into the ocean. It's much easier to control pig, cow population because it's controlled, fishing in my mind is not.