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@PopeAnonymousVII said:
" @MrJared said:

" But believe me when I say that Jeff was ultimately on the money.  "

Mortal Kombat versus DC.  Five Stars.  'Nuff said.  Jeff didn't like BB because it was too "Japanese", same reason he has already made it clear he hates TvC. "
Critics are never the best people to turn to for fighting games.  Most critics are not that big into fighting games, and as a result, if a fighting game looks good and plays well enough (At least for them) they'll give it a good score.
It's the fighting game community the ones to turn to about opinions. And what they're saying about Blazeblue is not good. They only people whom would say stuff like "Blazebule is better than SF or any other fighting game!" are scrubs.
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I fucking hated Blazeblue, mainly due to the fan base. Blazzeblue seem like an okay game but the fan base really ruin it by attacking better fighting games like SFIV or KoF.
I do remember someone posting a thread in the SFIV forum over at Capcom Unity with a list of things that are only fulfill by scrubs - one of them was this, "You may be a scrubs if you think Blazeblue is superior to SFIV." 
The Blazebule fan base is a bunch of snobs whom think they're hot-shit because they're playing what they're think they're playing is a superior game.

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@BlazeHedgehog: I heard on the BombCast about Mr. Davis's nasty comments about Sonic the Hedgehog 4. 
Just to let you know that he's the same guy that gave the GameCube version of Sonic Heroes a 8.0 out of 10.0.
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Hey man, shit happens.

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@Hermine said:
" @Pharmacist said:
Balrog "

Pure astonishment. Bravo!
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Well, here it is.

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Jesus, you're great.

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Uh oh, here comes the shit storm.

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I thought this was relating to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. . . . .

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Not as much, because the list of forums I posted was removed.