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Everything I know about champagne, I learned from The Continental. So naturally, a lot.

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The majority of the internet gaming community (GAF, SA, etc) all dislike the this community and with pretty good reason to. Akin to a cesspool is a good way of putting it.

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Black Ops has better maps than MW2? That's the first time I've heard that, these are some bland ass maps. 
Overall the changes make it a better MP experience, but it just feels janky and it would have all been better in MW2.

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5% damage increase is still good though. I recently bought the Anti-Material Rifle and now everything is crushed underneath the weight of my bullets.

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I finished a level by accident like this when switching to Jill for a bandage. Hopefully all the 0.00s are wiped. Happened again in a different manner (did not switch characters) and I didn't notice so oh no two 0.00s

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I waltzed around Fallout 3 like a robo demon and destroyed everything in my path with a plethora of weapons. Now I have to specialize in a handful of things and consider how I'm going to build my play style. This is the way it should be.

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Everything EDGE said about DP is completely true, this is coming from someone who bought the game pre-ER and didn't bother to watch said ER.

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1UP is never not imploding.

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GT: Kouerson 
I've been blazing through most of the levels and hold a hearty number of top 50s, plus a nice top 19 on one of the levels.

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@FunExplosions said:
" @Kouerson said:
" @FunExplosions said:
" I made that cover art "
wat "
huh? "
But I watched the person draw it. ARE YOU TELLING ME I AM IN AN OPIUM HAZE.