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Used to be a supporter of the "I have my 2 close friends, fuck everyone else" movement until my mom sat me down and had a "heart to heart" so to speak.

She told me this: You are happy right now, because you are of a age where it's still easy for you to meet new friends if you have to.

When you're older and the few good friends you have are dead. That happiness turns into regret.

Use the time you have, to make as many good friends as possible, you won't always have the opportunity. (She's a 70 something introvert)

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It's like tree sap. For your hair.

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As far as i can tell, the only way to get the list of "older episodes" is by forcing the desktop version of the page.

Using chrome for mobile on a Galaxy s3.

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Ryu's qcf x2 +p has a fire element to it, hasn't it?

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@rorie said:

@sear said:
  • OS: Windows 7 x64
  • Browser: Firefox
  • Memory: 12 GB
  • CPU: Intel Core i7 920
  • Video Card: GeForce GTX 470
  • Player: Flash
  • Problem: Video constantly stutters and hitches, quality of playback drops, often replays the same few seconds of footage again, video stream freezes while audio continues, etc.

Can someone please explain why these video playback bugs on a critical video-focused web site have not been fixed in over a year?

The engineers are working on a ground-up rewrite of the video player at the moment. It's going to roll out to the new GS first and then hopefully hit GB sometime soon after that.

A quick little work-around I've found is to make the browser go fullscreen by hitting f11, then chosing the windowed option instead of fullscreen.

Edit: Using Chrome*

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The Darksiders franchise pack is currently priced lower than Darksiders 2 by itself, so buyer beware!

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When it comes to running i would start to focus on improving average speed trough different sections of the run ( Like particulary steep climbs etc..) and the overall time. I find this much easier to do than continually expanding the run.

As to bodybuilding i would follow the advice given earlier and mix it up alot more!

Having many smaller goals is alot easier to commit to than big ones, especially when the improvements overall get more and more incremental.

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@Crash_Happy said:

Now, if he does want something more special I'd suggest looking about for some Plantation Rum.

Agreed, one of the best cuba libres I've tasted my entire life used a 5 year old barbados.

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@Video_Game_King said:

@MikeGosot said:

Because bad game design will magically fix itself later in the game?

Perhaps they will? If you don't finish the game, you have absolutely no way of knowing.

Are you really interested in paying $60 for a game that has 1 good hour in it?