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@Protome: From what I'm hearing a lot of people had no idea the Dev Room was even there. It was a safe assumption, since I hadn't heard otherwise, that if there was a Dev Room it was only in Japanese.I looked into the game quite a bit, and never came across any official material in English. When E3 came along I heard news about the prototype releasing and that we could give feedback, so I assumed a forum was launching with the prototype. If the information isn't presented effectively, you can't blame people for not participating.
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I'll really never understand why they didn't just release that prototype. If it sold poorly, there's your good and not-vague-at-all reason to cancel production. 
Also. I looked into the game a decent amount a few months ago, and never got the impression or info that there was already a forum you could contribute at. From what I gathered that forum would be opened after the prototype launched. So I feel there was a lack of advertisement/publication on that end.

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Cool article about something he said literally seconds after bringing up the idea.

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@Skywarpgold: Supposedly the discs WiiU will use have a 25 GB capacity
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Man I heard you can't play Nintendo 64 cartridges on it either! What is Nintendo thinking!

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So many people claiming Vita will "kill" the 3DS. Guess they weren't around for PSP / DS? Kind of proved hardware power doesn't make a difference. And the DS had legitimately crippling 3D ability. Even if the 3DS and Vita had identical specs, it wouldn't make a difference. They market to different people. The guys that say "Now that I see the price of the Vita no way am I getting a 3DS" were never going to get one in the first place, lol.

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I can see why people would call it pretentious but I really don't get that impression at all. Simple and artsy =/= pretentious. They don't really seem like they're putting their game on a pedestal as something brilliant. I like the idea of multiplayer with limited interaction. If it turns out to be interesting and pleasing to play, they've done nothing pretentious.

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@warmonked: that's why it's 2 bux
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For the record, I think it's very rude and disrespectful to say you're "disappointed" in someone for working on a certain project. If she took this job, which probably doesn't even pay as much as some other opportunities, it means she really went out of her way to choose this job because she wants to work on it. She isn't your personal entertainer, she's an artist. She went out of her way to work on this any way you look at it, so please respect her decision.

As for the game, I personally know it's being created by a lot of talented people, and I'm very eager to see the end result. Games with an eastern-influenced art style really need good games like this to come out. Too many people dismiss western artists that have eastern influences.