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Im one of the many gamers who has had to experince that little 8 year old with a 55-10 prestige tag but SUCKS and talks the biggest crap in the world about your mom and your sister and shooting any cuss word he can think of at the moment.  Because of this, I think there should be a limit on LIVE accounts or at least a filter.  THis way Microsoft can either kick off anyone under thirteen or they can filter the little kids, the teens, and the adults so we don't have anymore problems...right???

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that perk isnt mainly for getting kills...me and some friends use it as a mark of where the enemies are. We made a pact not to THROW them so we know when the others die.

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The best for camping is the G3, but the overall best is the AK-47

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Young Jeezy - Put on

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Chuck Norris is the only man to punch someone in the back of the face

Chuck Norris CAN believe its not butter.

Chuck Norris once ran around the world so fast that he punched himself in the back of the head

Chuck Norris knows where in teh world waldo is...and hes coming to kick his a**

Chuck Norris can slam a revolving door.

the list goes on  here

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OMG! that burger should be calle dthe Chuck Norris!!
the 20x20 is the CN Jr.

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obviously Wendy's because of the new rule to take out all Trans-Fat

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No, that really sloppy chili like Crying Hero said.  Only because you could hit more people with less chili.  Burgers are good, but only if you throw them chil-filled, and like a frisbee. 

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ewww! veggie burger for the loss
o well...you will come to find the great joy of a REAL burger...someday...

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i believe that I was teh onez taht b stealn ur burgerz

dae iz tastie

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