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Is there an archive somewhere with the Periscopes after the stream when they supposedly were answering phone calls?

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My condolances. This is such a big shock.


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This thing looks awful and it's obvious a redesign is imminent. No 3DS for me then.

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@CrazyBagMan said:

" @Kowalski said:

" This is why I never have used my credit card on the PSN, only vouchers. "
In case someone hacks the PSN and steals 775 million peoples information?

This was completely unpredictable. No one, not even you could have known this was going to happen.
This wasn't unpredictable, information is being stolen on the net all the time. If it's 5 people or 77 million that are affected doesn't matter to me if they get my credit card info. have you been under a rock for the last decade? This is big business on the internet.    
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This is why I never have used my credit card on the PSN, only vouchers.

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Call of Duty is so overatted, Battlefield is so much more fun and fair.

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Can't wait. I'm getting tired of Bad Company 2. Most of all I just want more hi-res graphics. Battlefield is better than CoD in every aspect except it's graphics, it's way too low res and blurry.    

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I think I'm gonna stick to the disc version. It's a hazzle downloading games that are that big, and I need my drive space.

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Played through the game, liked it so-so, felt very kiddie and bland. But I paid for it cuz I love Schafer.